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Annual Parent Survey 2014

Comments made by parents about what they feel the school does well.

I have a girl in Year 4. An amazing school, with great staff and lead by a fantastic headteacher who knows every child independently. I have friends with children at other schools but they don't have half the opportunities that the children get at Springbank.  My oldest daughter is going to miss the school so much, thank you for making her memories of Springbank awesome ones!


I asked my son if he thought there could be improvements, he said he liked everything.


Miss Percival and all the teachers/staff at Springbank work extremely hard to make it a happy and safe environment.  The dedication that goes into ensuring my children 'can be the best they can be' through fun lessons and enabling them to challenge themselves is fantastic. Really proud to be part of this school and would recommend it 100%.


I am extremely happy with how my child has progressed at Springbank, I am glad that I moved her, I feel she has come on very well and that is big thanks to her teacher Miss Hughes. I also feel that if I had and worries I could come and see any member of staff as I find you all very approachable and welcoming. Thank you for all you have done this term, my child has had a great year and has enjoyed coming to school. Thank you.


I think the staff and Headteacher work extremely hard and I am very pleased with the school choice we made.


Couldn't be happier with the progress my daughter is making.  The excellent range of teaching styles and staff ensure that all students are challenged and that a positive learning environment is created for all.  The many extra-curricular opportunities are fantastic ensuring that the children are given every opportunity to develop their confidence and skills in a wide range of activities.  My daughter is extremely happy to come to school and share with us the great experiences she is having!


Thank you for making my child welcome in his new school. He has settled very well and enjoys most subjects.


I would like to praise the teaching staff at Springbank. They make you aware of any problems your child has and they notice any issues and put a plan in action so that the child has the best opportunity to perform. I also think the school is very well managed and love the fact that the head teacher knows every child name. Springbank is such a lovely school that my child loves attending every day.


Myself and my husband are delighted with Springbank. More importantly my son is too. I feel a huge strength of the school is the visibility of the head teacher, often the holder of the role is hidden away in an office whereas at Springbank, Miss Percival is often at events and at the school gate, very approachable and much appreciated.


This is a lovely school which is welcoming to both parents and pupils. I am glad that my son has been pushed and challenged this academic year - he has thrived on it. Thank you for all your hard work.


Since my daughter has been at Springbank she has come on leaps and bounds the school has done so much to help her. Thank you.


I have had two children attend Farsley Springbank and have never had one issue with the school.  I do not have perfect children but believe the school gives the same messages we do within our home with regards to learning and behaviour. It's not all about the exam results but about giving the kids the tools to become valuable to the school, their family, the community but most of all themselves.  I hope they are able to keep up the good work once they double in size as I'm not sure it will be possible for every teacher to know every child, the way they do now, once the changes happen.  The 'Happy' video says it all for me.


We are very happy with the school and our son loves coming to this school. He has been well supported by his teacher this year as he was struggling to make progress with his writing and now he is much more confident and is making progress. You provide a wide range of extra-curricular clubs to appeal to all children on different ways of the week. Staff are always willing to make time to chat with parents about their children and there are lots of opportunities for parents to participate in school activities and events. We cannot wait for our other son to start in September!


I love this school, and can't wait until my other child can start learning here too. Thanks for everything!


Absolutely amazing school, not a bad word to say. My son will miss the school & teachers tremendously!!  So pleased he attended Springbank, he has lots of fantastic memories and the quality of teaching he has had will stand him in excellent stead for year 7. Well done to everyone at Springbank!!


The Filey trip was amazing and been invited to attend it was wonderful I really enjoyed myself.  The school children really enjoyed themselves and the staff were fantastic.  Not sure how easy it will be once Springbank gets Reception classes.


Since joining Springbank last year, I have seen a massive improvement in my daughter and what she has learned. She is very happy at this school. I feel the teachers are very positive, genuinely love working at the school, which is reflected in all they do. So much time is given to the after school clubs, with those clubs being varied. It’s great to see happy children in a happy school. The trip to Filey was great and I felt so pleased to be a part of this. Thanks to the hard work of Sharon and her staff, I feel we have the best local school by far.


I think the school is fantastic! All the staff seem to really enjoy their work, are very enthusiastic so the kids seem so happy and eager to learn. It seems to be a really happy, positive and caring environment. Very happy with my school choice. Thank you.


A wonderful school which my son loves going to everyday.


I absolutely love this school, I cannot sing Springbank's praises enough. Miss Tabberer, Mrs Roberts and Ms Walton have done such a fab job in my child's first year at this school. When my child left infant school, I was made aware of how far behind he was. Miss Tabberer has ensured that he is now where he should be in terms of academic ability and I am so grateful for the effort and enthusiasm she has shown to my child's learning. I also love the atmosphere of the school in general, it is such a positive and happy place to be. Miss Percival and all staff are so friendly, with a firm but fair approach! I feel that the school is the hub of our community and am proud to be part of it. Thank you again for a fab year, best wishes to all.


I have sent all three of my boys to Springbank and any issues have been dealt with appropriately and the teaching had been exceptional. Most importantly each one of my children has had a happy and rewarding education at Springbank which has set them up well for their futures.


Overall, very happy with the school and the after school activities you offer.


A very friendly well managed school, with a fantastic work ethos which challenges the children. I know I made the right choice sending my children here.


Superb school in every area.  I am unable to think of one thing that they could do better. Dedicated staff and head teacher.


Springbank is a fantastic school, with fantastic totally committed teachers, I have always recommended this school to everyone, keep up the good work Miss Percival and colleagues.


Fantastic all round. I feel the children are offered and get involved in things above and beyond what’s stated which is great especially when involves working/learning in our local community when we are blessed to have such a lovely one. It’s lovely the children have this.


I think Springbank is a fantastic school that not only focuses on the academics, but on the all-round development of my child, with the wide range of both after school and community activities. The staff really know my child, and the end of school report really showed this through the very personal comments. The home school links are excellent and it is lovely to be able to be so involved in the topics and events. Everyone is very approachable and most importantly my daughter is happy, and the "happy" video on the website is the perfect way to sum up the school. We are looking forward to our younger daughter joining in September. Thank you.


My child was very happy and content at Springbank school.


Springbank is a fantastic school.  You feel the pride that each and every child and each and every teacher has in the school.  Teachers genuinely care about the school and the children.  There is always an air of friendliness, positivity, encouragement and warmth at the school.  Every child is appreciated and they radiate happiness.  Just watching the children at sports day, discos, the end of year production and the leaver's service makes me so proud to be part of the Springbank family.


Springbank is an excellent school and the progress my child has made since joining is impressive, he was behind in most areas at the start of yr3 and thanks to the terrific support he has had he is now above where he needs to be in several areas.   I have, in the last 3 years approached the school with two concerns, both of which were dealt with very well. My child is happy to go to school every morning (once he's out of bed!) and I think that's sufficient proof of the school environment! My daughter will join in September and I'm looking forward to seeing her progress.


Fantastic school.  Fantastic staff.  Fantastic leadership. Highly recommend this school.


Filey trip was brilliant day and think was well organised.


Great teachers, lovely school, no complaints and would definitely recommend the school.


I am very proud to say my daughters attend Springbank Junior School! It is a wonderful school and we are very lucky to have the excellent staff who work there!


Think the school and teachers do a really good job.....the before school drop off has helped us lots and is really appreciated.


Very pleased that we chose for our son to attend Farsley Springbank. The Head Teacher and teaching staff have helped my son to achieve his best, resulting in SATs results to be proud of.


Fantastic school with fantastic teachers!


I attended the school and have very fond memories of my years attending.  I was eager for my children to also attend.  The school has maintained its friendly village feel and I hope with the new expansions this will remain.


I am very pleased with my child’s progress especially in the last year.


Our son is leaving Springbank for High School this year. I have nothing but positive comments to make about the school from the quality of teaching, the motivational and friendly supportive atmosphere to the extra-curricular activities provided. It truly is a super school.


My daughter has made great progress since starting Springbank. She has blossomed into a very confident young lady which I hope will continue when she starts high school in September.


Fantastic school, lovely teachers couldn't ask for more.


Great school


We couldn't have asked for more from a school for our child, she has loved every minute of her time here and we as parents have been so happy and can't fault it at all. Thank you so much.


Such an enthusiastic school!  Thank you for a great first year.


Thank you for your continued efforts and keep up the good work!


A fantastic school.


Excellent school overall