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Spring 2 Week 3 12.03.20

Welcome back Reception!

It has been wonderful to have all the children back in the classroom this week! The reception children have settled back into our school routine, have loved seeing their friends and exploring the classroom. We are delighted to see our children excited to learn, they are full of energy and eager to fill their heads with new skills and knowledge!


To add to the excitement of returning to school, the children have taken part in science week, along with the rest of the school. We have been using our scientific enquiry skills to observe how things change over time. We have observed how water turns to ice when frozen and what happens when ice is taken out of the freezer by creating pretty ice gardens. We also investigated what happens when heat is applied to wax crayons! The children made prediction first and were thrilled to watch the wax turn from a solid to a liquid.


In phonics this week, we have been recapping the sounds we have learnt through lockdown. We have been practising reading words using Fred in our head and have used Fred fingers to help spell words. We have assessed the children, ready for when we go into our new Read, Write inc groups next week. The children will start reviewing sounds that they have already learnt and begin to learn new sounds from next week and are ready to move on in their Read, write inc learn journey. From next week, the children will receive new reading material to practise at home. This will link to the learning they will do in school. They will receive a ditty or book that is suitable for their ability, which they will be able to confidently read at home, plus a book, which will help them to practise the sounds that they have already learnt. You will also receive an email with the sounds that they have been learning through the week so you are able to recap this at home. Continue to practise sounds at home and make words out of the flashcards to blend.


In maths we have begun to learn the numberness of 10. The children have thought about things that represent 10 such as; 10 minutes, 10 pence, 10 pounds, 2 rows of 5 etc. They have also shared the number 10 in different ways to find out the numbers that can make 10. They have used the 10 numicon and identified other tiles that partner up to make a total of 10. You can support the learning of 10 at home by sharing ten objects into different groupings or encouraging the children to draw 10 in different ways.


We have had a fantastic week back at school, the children have been super star learners and we are proud of how resilient they have been during their first week back as a full class. Well done Reception!