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Deciduous & Evergreen Trees 21.06.19

Following on from their learning about plants, this week the children have learnt that trees are types of plant. They have learnt that some trees are classed as 'Evergreen' and some are 'Deciduous'. Evergreen trees stay green all year round and do not drop their leaves whereas deciduous trees lose their leaves in autumn after they have changed colour. 

The children also learnt that both types of trees have specific leaf types - for example, deciduous leaves are broad, flat, and have veins running through them. Evergreen leaves can be thick and waxy and some are narrow like needles. 

The children had a go at sorting some leaves into two groups and then went outside to create a tally of all the trees in the school field. First of all, they had to predict whether they thought there were more evergreen or deciduous.