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Week 3 (Sum 1, Wk 1) 20.04.20-24.04.20

Hello Year 4!


We hope you have had a lovely Easter break at home. Our home learning is set to continue for the coming weeks and there is a slight change in the way that we are going to set work for you!

We will be giving you a 'Weekly Home Learning Grid' with fifteen tasks which you can complete at home. The tasks will cover a range of subjects and do not require any printing out. The idea is that you can choose (your parents might want to help with this!) which tasks you would like to complete over the course of the week and then you can complete them at your own pace. The amount of time sitting and working on a task will vary but we suggest 30-45 minutes and you can always come back to a task if you need a break!


The number of tasks you complete each week may also differ depending on all the other things you are doing at home! You may only complete one task a day or you may complete all fifteen tasks throughout the week! Please be flexible and realistic about what you can achieve over the week!


Alongside the Weekly Home Learning Grid, please continue to do lots of daily reading at home, Miss Lax and myself would love to see some pictures of you reading or some updates about what you are reading and how you are finding it! It is really important that you continue to read as not only will it help when we get back to school but its also really fun, a real boredom buster! As always, there are also a range of online resources that are available and can be found on the class page.


Please contact us by email if you have any questions, are struggling with the tasks that have been set or you simply want to show us what you have been doing!


Keep smiling Year 4,


Mrs Hayton and Miss Lax

Home Learning Grid for the week