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Leeds Art Gallery and Museum 09.01.20

Leeds Art Gallery and Museum

Today we visited Leeds Art Gallery and Leeds City Museum. In the Art gallery we saw a range of Victorian and modern portraits. We talked about the similarities and differences to our Picasso style portraits that we are creating this week. In addition to this we explored their Wooden Sculpture gallery. We even saw a Damien Hirst sculpture!

 “I especially liked the colourful ones in the first room,” said Eli.

“I liked all the happy colours which made me happy,” said Gareth.

“I liked the snow picture where the artist had used blue to show sadness like Pablo Picasso,” explained Mia.


We also visited Leeds museum for the Ancient Egyptian Workshop. The children took part in a real Mummification and learnt all about the Canopic jars and rituals. They also met the famous Leeds Mummy and learnt all about his life.

“I liked learning about the Mummy in the museum because it was very interesting,” said Jasmine.

Isabelle said, “I liked the Mummification activity because it felt like we were actually doing real mummification!”

Rosie said, “We learnt about a new mummy that we hadn’t heard about.”

“The mummy was in charge of a huge temple so he was mummified,” said Max

“The mummy was 41 when he died,” said Skye.

Alexander said, “I liked it when we made amulets.”