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Florence Workshop

Year 2 had a fantastic day learning about why Florence Nightingale is significant and the lasting impact she had. We started the day with Florence telling us how she became a nurse. We found out that she came from a very wealthy family who didn't want Florence to work, instead her parents wanted her to get married and have a family. But Florence didn't want that, instead she studied in Germany to become a nurse. We looked at photos of what hospitals were like before and after Florence, we also had to sniff lots of different unpleasant smells that would have been in hospitals before Florence came. We also had the opportunity to look at a rat close up as hospitals use to be infested with them! Finally, we went back in time and dressed up as nurses and porters, we assigned a head nurse and heard porter and had to follow their instructions very carefully. Florence guided us on how to look after the sick soldiers, ensuring they had clean sheets and bandages to stop the spread of diseases.