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Eureka 06.02.24

Today, Year 2 embarked on a special trip to Eureka: The National Children’s Museum. This hands-on experience was a delightful blend of wonder, exploration, and discovery. During our visit, we immersed ourselves in various activities:


  1. The Gross Lab: Here, we delved into the fascinating world of our own bodies, uncovering the sometimes disgusting yet intriguing things they do!

  2. ‘All About Me’ Exhibit: We unearthed fresh facts about the human body, expanding our knowledge.

  3. ‘Sound Space’ Gallery: We danced to music and let our imaginations soar

  4. ‘Living & Working Together’ Area: In this interactive space, we stepped into the roles of bankers, post office workers, and M&S employees, gaining insights into different professions.