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Summer 2 Week 4 30.6.23



This week the children have been reviewing lots of previous learning in maths, such as composition of numbers (how they are made up), doubles, counting in 2s, 5s and 10s and finding numbers within numbers. They have used the Cuisenaire rods to make totals and find patterns. You might like to use this link to explore making numbers with the rods:


The children also enjoyed building patterns using an ABBC repeating unit. They have learnt how to identify the repeating unit and then predict what comes next in the pattern. We have been building patterns in a variety of different ways such as horizonal, diagonal and circular. We have also been identifying mistakes and explaining how they could be corrected using the knowledge of a repeating unit.


Next week in maths we will be reviewing maps and using positional language. We will also be doing some problem solving with addition and subtraction.


In Understanding the World, we will be thinking of where Farsley is in the world. This is something you can be chatting about at home. Using Google Earth is a great tool for looking at the world and identifying where England is. We will be learning about maps and how they are representations of a place. The children will be learning about simple symbols that represent places on a map. You could discuss your child’s journey to school and the places they pass on the way.

In Talk 4 Writing we have been learning to retell the story of The Three Little Pigs. We have created a whole class story map to support the children with writing their own versions of the story. The children have used their phonic knowledge to write sections of story using key vocabulary.


On Thursday we had our fabulous Sports Day. The children were all brilliant! They cheered each other on and tried their very best. We are very proud of them. Thank you so much for coming along to support. Have a look at the website for some pictures.


Just a reminder to apply sun cream before school and make sure your child has their sunhat and water each day.

The Reception Team