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Summer 1 Week 6 26.5.23


We have reached the end of another half term! The children make us proud everyday with their perseverance and being the best they can be. They have all made super progress this over the past 6 weeks and are getting ready for their next step into Year 1. Thank you to everyone who has sponsored their child for the Fun Run. These donations help the school to buy resources that support our curriculum, so they really do make a difference! The children really enjoyed taking part in our annual event and tried their best to do as many laps as their little legs would carry them. Well done Reception!


This week in Understanding the World we have been thinking about what makes us special, what makes other people special and who are special people in religion. We have considered why Jesus is special to Christians and discussed bible stories that the children know about him. The children have had some really thoughtful and insightful ideas to share about this topic. They have created some lovely pieces of writing, reflecting their thoughts about special people in their lives and what makes them special.


In maths we have been learning about doubling. The children have enjoyed making doubling spells. You might like to play a game at home where you have a magic pot that doubles amounts. Put in 2 apples then talk about how many there will be if the amount doubles (it is the same again). Pop two more in secretly and then see the magic happen! You can do this with a range of numbers: double 7 grapes, double 4 pennies, double 5 buttons and so on… The children also really enjoyed the story ‘Two of Everything’ about a magic doubling pot. Here is a link for you to enjoy this at home too:


After the half term we will be learning about sharing amounts. We will focus on halving an amount equally and sharing into groups.


Our topic after the half-term is all about minibeasts. Perhaps over the holidays you might like to find minibeasts in your garden or at the park. You may even have books about minibeasts or you might like to go to the library and see what you can find.


When we return, please continue to ensure your child has a sun hat and drink each day and sun cream applied if the weather is hot and also a rain coat just in case.


Thank you again for your continued support. Please feel free to continue to send any photos or videos of your child’s activities at home, as they really help to build a full picture of your child’s progress or experiences.

Have a great half term!

The Reception Team