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Arts Week W.C 6.01.20

This week, we welcomed the children back after their Christmas break to an absolutely fantastic week jam-packed with music, art and drama. 

The children began each day by taking part in 'Doodle Time' where they were able to experiment and test out ideas in their busy books. Some children loved trying to copy drawings of people and animals and others loved creating their own ideas. 

Throughout the week, we learnt all about the artist Pablo Picasso and specifically about his cubism style portraits. The children completed a project learning all about using different colours to show different emotions, they learnt how to sketch eyes in detail and eventually created their own Picasso style portrait. 

The children also took part in a dance workshop where they used dance to convey different emotions and they took part in a drama workshop.  

All in all, it has been a great way to begin the new term and it has been wonderful to see the children so engaged in their learning. 


Picasso Project