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DT Shelters 20.12.19

DT - Making Air-Raid Shelters


This week saw the culmination of the children's design and technology work where they have been making air-raid shelters. The children have been working in class looking at building strong, reliable structures and what materials and shapes have the strongest properties. The challenge was then set that the children would use the materials from the scrap shed to build a structure to protect five people from an air-raid. The children had 30 minutes to work in small groups and create their shelter and by the end of the time they all had to show that they could fit inside it. We then tested out the strength of the shelters by carrying out an 'air-raid'. The children were each handed a basketball and they then attacked a shelter to see whether it was strong enough to survive. We had a lot of fun with this challenge and some fantastic designs were created. Not only that, in most cases the shelters which had been made were more than strong enough to repel a basketball attack! Well done Year 6.