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Autumn 2 Week 2 11.11.22



In maths this week we have been learning about circles and triangles. The children have been sorting circles and triangles based on their properties (How many sides does it have? Are the sides straight or curved?) They have identified circles and triangles all around our reception areas and have found lots! This weekend you could have a shape hunt at home. How many circles and triangles can you find in your house or out on a walk? We have also been using positional language and placing teddies on, under, in, between, in front and behind different objects. Perhaps you could choose a teddy or a toy to place in different positions. Can your child place their toy in the right place as you give them the positional vocabulary? Can they use the vocabulary themselves?


In Understanding the World, we have been learning about Remembrance Day. The children learnt about what the poppy symbolises and why many people poppies in November. We discussed the armed forces and how they help to protect our country to keep it safe. The children also learnt in an age appropriate way, that many people have lost their lives and been injured in wars and that is why we wear poppies.

The children have been creating some lovely pieces of art in response to Remembrance Day, making poppies and painting them in the creative area.

We also watched a video whilst we did our 2-minute silence and we talked about the feelings of the characters afterwards, again with some very thoughtful and considered ideas. Here is a link to the video which you might like to watch again at home with your child:


This week we have also discussed the different seasons and how we know what season we are in. The children have been great with spotting the signs of Autumn and noticing the changes we experience at this time of year. At home you could go on an Autumn walk and discuss what you can see such as leaves falling from the trees, squirrels collecting food and the birds flying away for winter.


Next week in maths we will be learning how to represent 4 and 5 in different ways. We will be thinking about different representations such as squares, 4 wheels on a car, 5 on a dice, pentagons etc.


Next week is anti-bullying week. This is a whole school initiative and all classes will be taking part in activities based around this theme throughout the week. We will be exploring what the word bullying means, talking about how we can be kind and thinking about how unkind words can make others feel hurt inside.


We hope you have a lovely weekend.

The Reception team