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Behaviour Policy

Good behaviour is necessary for the safety and well being of everyone in school. Promoting positive behaviour in school is a joint responsibility of all the staff.  Our Behaviour policy is set out to ensure consistency of approach across the school.

At Farsley Springbank Primary School we aim to create a welcoming, caring environment where relationships are based on respect and help to develop positive self-esteem in each child. The staff at Farsley Springbank Primary School are committed to maintaining high expectations of good behaviour as an essential contribution to the educational experience of the children and to their happiness and well-being while in school. 


Our Behaviour Policy sets out how we promote good behaviour and deal with any problems. Behaviour at our school is extremely good; we have clear systems in place to deal with any inappropriate behaviour in a fair and consistent manner.  As we all know children do fall out from time to time.  Where this is the case, it is dealt with sensitively by an adult, who gives any children involved time to explain the problem and help if needed to resolve the issue.  


Farsley Springbank’s School Charter

The School Charter supports our school motto ‘Be the best you can be’ and provides guiding principles which apply to everyone in school.  The School Charter is linked to ‘Rights Respecting Schools’ and identifies the rights the children have and how these are respected.


The right to be heard (Article 12 + 13)

The right to be cared for (Article 19)

Be respectful

We are respectful of the school and people in it.  We are kind and thoughtful of the feelings of others and treat people in the way we want to be treated.  We listen to others and expected them to listen to us.


The right to be educated (Article 28)

The right to any specific support needed (Article 23)

Be determined

We keep trying even when things are difficult and are reflective about how we can improve using feedback to make positive changes to our work.  We have a growth mindset towards our learning.


Be ambitious

We aim high and set goals that stretch us to achieve. We strive to reach them, putting in 100% at all times


Be present

We try our best to be in school, on time and ready to learn. When we are in lessons, we give them our full attention and try our best


The right to be protected from danger and harm (Article 19)

The right to be heard (Article 12 + 13)

Be safe

We speak to adults if people are behaving in a way which makes us worried or we see things that might affect the safety of ourselves or other people. We will tell an adult if we see bullying and we know that this might be verbal, physical, online or indirect. We keep ourselves safe online and follow the safety rules.


The right to the best possible health (Article 27)

The right to relax, play and enjoy a wide range of activities (Article 31)

Be happy and healthy

We make the most of the opportunities that we have at Springbank.  We always try to enjoy school and help other children do the same.  We make good choices about being active, the food we eat and our mental health.


Children also have a Class Charter based on their rights.

Behaviour policy

The behaviour policy is currently under review.  The draft policy is below and will be going to the Pupil Support committee in November for approval.  If you have any comments to make, please contact the Headteacher.