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5O Herd Farm 09.03.20-11.03.20

Day 1 at Herd Farm

When 5O arrived at Herd Farm, they had a safety talk and then had the chance to investigate the centre.  They spent some time settling into the bedrooms and made their own beds (eventually!). After a spot of lunch they headed out for the first activity of their stay.  Group 1 took on the challenge of the high ropes, group 2 enjoyed mountain biking and group 3 tackled archery and the assault course.  After a delicious tea of homemade pizza and chips the children went out on a night walk, which was VERY muddy so the children loved it!  The children then had some time to relax before heading off to bed. All in all a great first day.

Some of the photos are in the activity groups. 


Group 1 - Tilly, Daisy, Connor, Freddie, Heath, Callum, Freya, Lydia, Grace and Amelia


Group 2 - Billy, Sonny, Nathan, Stanley, Carter, Neve, Annabelle, Claudia, Brooke and Lewis


Group 3 - Chloe, Alice, Ella, Lexii, Henry, Austin, Oliver, Zak, Jasper and Jack