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Senses & The Human Body 08.02.19

Today the children have been investigating their senses and the Human Body. 

We set up both year 1 classrooms with a different investigation and both classes got to experience both activities throughout the morning. 


The first activity was to explore a range of objects by using each of their five senses. The children then had to make a senses collage where they recorded different things they could see, hear, taste, smell and touch. Some children were brave and tasted some cooking ingredients we placed around the classroom and some  put blindfolds on to feel inside special 'feely bags'. The children had a great time being senses investigators. 


The second activity was the answer the question - 'Do the tallest children have the biggest feet?'. The children had lots of equipment out around the room and began by investigating the best ways in which to measure height and length of feet. In the end, the whole class agreed on one non-standard measure to use to measure height and one to measure foot length and recorded their group's different results. The results showed that foot length varied a lot, even for children of the same height. 


We hope you enjoy looking at the photographs of our investigations.