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Attainment and Progress 2016

End of Foundation StageSchoolLeedsNational
Good Level of Development (GLD)70.5%62.5%69.2%
Average Point Score (APS)35.833.534.4
KS2 ReadingSchoolNational
Expected standard or above   80%  66%
Higher standard30%19%
Average scaled score105.5102.6
Average progress from KS1 to KS2+1.260
KS2 WritingSchool National
Expected standard or above82%74%
Greater depth10%15%
Average scaled score--
Average progress from KS1 to KS2-0.580
KS2 MathsSchoolNational
Expected standard or above82%70%
Higher standard23%17%
Average scaled score105103
Average progress from KS1 to KS2+0.370
KS2 Spelling, Punctuation and GrammarSchoolNational
Expected standard or above85%72%
Higher standard31%22%
Average scaled score106.8104
Reading, Writing, Maths combinedSchool National
RWM Expected standard combined67%53%
RWM Higher standard combined7%5%