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Book Reveal 06.11.18

Narnia Book Reveal!


Today in Year 4, the children went on a voyage of discovery to find out what their next class novel is. In the morning, the children were given various visual clues which revealed snippets about the novel and they were asked to talk and write about what they thought the book might be. Miss Henson and Mrs Hayton decided to leave the mornings lesson on a cliffhanger and didn't tell the children what the book was before they left for lunch. After lunch, the children were invited to travel through the wardrobe doors to see what was behind them. Upon entering the wardrobe, the children were transported through to Narnia, where they were greeted with lots of trees and snow as well as a parcel from C.S.Lewis himself! The children were delighted when the package was opened and their guess of 'The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe' was correct, we are all very much looking forward to reading the book and finding out what adventures await!