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Spring 1 Week 2 19.1.24



This week the children have been learning about different materials that can be recycled and where to put items that can be recycled. In class, they have been sorting out rubbish into plastic, paper and card, metal and glass. We have been discussing ways of helping to reduce the things we throw away; the children came up with some super ideas such as donating items to charity, drinking from reusable cups and bottles, turning the lights off and other household equipment and taking unused food to a food bank. At home you could discuss all the ways you recycle items in your household. We have also learned about pollution, what it means, different types of pollution and how we can help. Here is a link to a song we sang in class: 


Next week we will be learning about rules and friendship in our R.E unit. The children will discuss the rules we have in school and at home and the reasons for having rules. They will also think about what characteristics make a good friend and how we can help other people.


We will also be thinking about Safer Strangers as part of our safeguarding curriculum. The children will learn what a stranger is (someone you or your family don’t know) and some rules for being out and about. They will learn that some people are safer strangers, such as police officers, doctors and teachers.


In maths this week we have been learning about mass and capacity. The children have been learning about mass through picking items up and comparing how heavy or light they are. They have been using the language heaviest, heavier, lightest and lighter to compare the weight and order items. They have been filling and emptying containers using language to compare how full a container is: empty, half-full and full. They have been problem solving in provision to see how many scoops of water, rice or sand is needed to fill a container.


In maths next week we will be exploring more about the representations of 6, 7 and 8 and will be playing more matching and sorting games to help us to see how these numbers can be made. We will be combining two groups up to the number 8.


We hope you have a lovely weekend,
The Reception Team