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Science Week 2022-2023

Science Week 2023

This year we were able to host another Springbank Careers fair! This was a huge success and we would like to thank our parent volunteers for giving up their time to visit our school and talk to the children about the careers they love! The children were truly inspired by our volunteers which sparked a love of science and allowed us to consider how science applies to the real world.

Careers Fair

Science and Media Museum visits

During science week, our KS2 children visited the Science and Media Museum as part of their science week celebrations. They started their amazing day with a visit to the Bring the Thunder workshop where they recapped their learning around sound. The children looked at how sound is made through vibrations and how they travel through gases, liquid and solids. As part of the workshop, the children created scenes from Star Wars and created a thunderstorm just using body percussion. After the workshop, the children visited the WonderLab where they looked at space, mirrors and reflection, cameras and television to name but a few! It was a fantastic morning out and the children thoroughly enjoyed heading out on a trip to the WonderLab!


Later on in the week we had a special visit from Zoo Lab in which the children had the chance to meet lots of unique animals and learn all about where they live and how they survive. As part of this the children were able to meet and hold some creatures including a python!

KS1 Pond Dipping

The theme of this year's Science Week is 'Making Connections'.

The children in KS1 went outside to our pond in the school garden! As a class, we looked at how the pond habitat connects a wide range of species together- in the photos you might even spot a visitor!

KS1 Fossils

The children across school learned about Mary Anning and her contributions to science through her discoveries of dinosaur fossils. The children made salt dough and used fossils replicas to imprint a fossil onto their dough. 

KS2 Density Experiment