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Summer 2 Week 5 7.6.23


This week we have been learning about maps. The children have learnt about what a map shows and how a map uses simple symbols to represent places. They have explored a range of maps from different books and stories and have created their own too. As part of transition into Year 1, they have been to their new classroom and we have created a map to show what is in there and where things are.


The children had a great day on Thursday for transition day. They learnt more about the routines in Year 1 and took part in a range of activities with their new teachers. We hope they are feeling happy and settled about the move into Year 1. Please feel free to come and speak to staff if you have any questions about this transition.


Next week in Understanding the world our focus will be around transition. We will be thinking about what makes me special and talking about how changes make us feel. We will be thinking about what what we are good at and what we need more support with and talking about our hopes and wishes for the future.

In maths this week we have been using ordinal and positional language when thinking about following a map e.g. first go along the road, next go past the tree on your left, then go under the bridge. The children have linked stories to creating maps and have been enjoying creating obstacles courses based on maps.


Next week in maths we will be working with shapes and manipulating and rotating shapes to create new shapes. We will be thinking about the properties of shapes and how combining shapes can change the properties e.g. putting 2 triangles together makes a 4 sided shape.


We hope you have a lovely weekend.

The Reception Team