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Abbey House Museum 08.10.21

Abbey House Museum

Last Friday, Year 1 went on their first trip to Abbey House Museum as part of their 'What was life like when Grandparents were children?' Learning Challenge. The children travelled back in time to the Victorian period long before their grandparents were born in order to learn about life in the late 19th century. The children loved exploring the old cobbled streets and shops, some of them even stopped off at the pub! Only for a quick photo of course... After exploring the streets and houses the children then took part in a 'Houses and Homes' workshop where they were all put to work cleaning. Some children did the clothes washing, others had to beat the dirt from a rug and some even got to use one of the first vacuum cleaners! The final part of the morning was spent exploring the old toys in the upstairs of the museum. The children absolutely loved seeing the old dolls houses, first mechanical toys and even Sooty and Sweep. 

After lunch, the children made the most of the gorgeous weather and had a play by Kirkstall Abbey before stepping inside to explore the ruins. All the children were absolutely fantastic on the trip and set a fantastic example for the school.