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Annual Parent Survey 2016

Annual Parent  Survey July 2016

The document below provides the summary findings from the Annual Parent Survey July 2016.  

Comments made by parents about what they feel the school does well.

When the head teacher dresses as a parrot and welcomes the children through the gates on African animals day you know your child will enjoy learning about topics due to the constant enthusiasm of the staff. Children have a huge array of extra-curricular activities that help with social and emotional development. Children are well mannered and respectful you hear this on entering the playground as children greet each other, say thank you and hold the gates for other people. Good examples of behaviour are really visible in this school.


We think this school is excellent. It's very well led, this feels inclusive and as though it's a full team effort. We were very impressed when we first met Miss Percival and that impression has not only been consistent but has grown. We feel out 'little lad' is really privileged to be part of Springbank and we've many happy years ahead, all very exciting.


The Facebook page is very helpful and well manned.


The new building and facilities are fantastic, you can see there has been a lot of thought gone into it and the results show this. The way the school has handled all the building work is also a credit to them as I don't feel the children missed out on anything being in a temporary classroom or suffered any disruption during the work or move. It was lovely to see the children getting involved and visiting the site to see it all emerge.


The staff at school are exceptional, each member of staff we have dealt with during our child's time here have always gone above and beyond to help. No issue is too big or small for them; they always make time to be available. It is with deepest regret and sadness that we have had to choose to leave the school. I'd like to say thank you once again to all involved in our child's journey through Springbank, he wouldn't be where he is now without the help we have received.


I cannot speak highly enough about Springbank school. Planning, activities, information, support, teacher input, approachability, learning and listening are all exceptional. The teachers, staff and head teacher are all amazing all work collaboratively to support each other, to make events possible and to support the children. I am very happy with the school. My child's progress is testament to a great school. Thank you.


The school is so well run from the head teacher to the office staff! Everything is clear and if you are unsure about anything you can quickly and easily find the answers. All staff are incredibly friendly. My children love coming to school and my third child cannot wait to start in 2017!  My child’s confidence in everything she does has tripled this year, which is just wonderful and allows her to try new things (out of school - she has got onto a stage and danced by herself! Something she definitely would not have done a year ago). We can't thank you enough for everything everybody does for all the children. Wishing you all a truly deserved rest over the summer! Thank you.


I have felt very well informed; the school appears to have high standards, good planning and organisation, and knowledgeable professional staff. I have appreciated the times when the reception class has been included as part of wider school activities and know that my child has benefited from interacting with the older children. Well done to everyone, this has been a brilliant start to my child's school years, and I feel confident that the school will give him excellent guidance, and an enjoyable and productive education over the coming years. Thank you.


My child has been welcomed into Springbank so well. As our first born we were very nervous about his behaviour at school, and if he would settle in. The school has been brilliant and he clearly seems some comfortable there. I'm so glad we chose Springbank. The teachers have been so supportive through his time in reception and I look forward to what the future holds for him. I am confident my child will progress with more help at home with guidance from us (the parents) and teachers.


I would just like to say a big thank you to Miss Craig and Mr Chapman for everything and all the help and patience with my child. And a big thank you to Miss Percival for supporting her too; it's been much appreciated by both myself and my child.


The staff all ways put in 100% and even on the last week of term they make sure there is still plenty for the children to do with lots of activities.


I have nothing but praise for Springbank. I think it is an excellent school and my child loves it. My older child still talks fondly of his time at Springbank and you can't ask for more than that. I cannot think of anything that can be done to improve the school as I actually think it is the best and an absolute credit to all of the staff.


I feel like the school is a happy place with committed teachers. Always plenty going on!


Thank you so much for all your hard work!! It is so lovely to see how far my child has come this year and I look forward to seeing him flourish even more In year 1.


It's a joy to have our child as part of Springbank School. He is always excited to come to school, has a lovely group of friends, and is encouraged to explore his interests and strengths as a means to develop any weaker areas. I feel we are able to talk to the school if we have any concerns and able to discuss them effectively.


I feel the transition to reception was well planned and although I was concerned my child was coming from a different nursery to everyone else and knew nobody, this was handled really well and he settled in fine; he is loving school life and the new friends he's made. I am very happy with both my children's progress since starting Springbank and love the fact they both enjoy school life, well done & thank you!


The staff at Springbank are a real strength. It is obvious how much time and emotional energy they invest into the pupils, and it's lovely to see. The ICT stuff that goes on is AMAZING.


Springbank is a great school and I'm glad my children have the opportunity to be part of the Springbank family.


I think it's a model school and really appreciate all the hard work that goes in to it which is why I was able to give my answers as ‘strongly agree’.


Best school ever!!!


Teaching, confidence building & for really getting to know each child.


I am now at the end of my children`s education at Springbank. I have 4 children, who have all thoroughly enjoyed life at Springbank. Sad day today as my youngest is leaving!! Keep up the fab work!! It is a fantastic school and I feel it is the best in Leeds.


I think the school has adjusted well to including a Reception class and my daughter has loved it!


I would just like to thank the school and teachers in welcoming my child into his first year at Springbank, he has had a few challenges which I think have been dealt with very well by all involved and we are looking forward to his final year at Springbank.


It's amazing. Would highly recommend. The kind of school I would love to work in. Absolutely delightful school.


Love it! The children are treated as individuals and are all know by staff, creating a family type atmosphere.


My child has loved his first year at Springbank. His teacher changed mid-year but this was managed extremely well by the School.


I think the school has gone above expectation during this first year for the reception children, after speaking with other mums with children at different schools it’s clear that Springbank offers lots of extra support & additional activities etc. that are not available at other schools.


I will be an emotional wreck when my child leaves Springbank. An overwhelmingly positive experience over the last four years, we will both treasure the experiences and the memories made here.


I think it's a fantastic school with great staff and resources and I know my child is always moving forward and being challenged.


A passion for teaching and developing young children can clearly be seen. Very happy overall.


I'd just like to add that the website is very informative; there is no excuse not to know anything as you keep us up to date especially if certain letters don't arrive home . Thanks.


Keep doing what you’re doing, it's an amazing school.


The school is fantastically run and the staff show their passion for teaching and develop the children so they can succeed to the best of their ability.


Our Springbank chapter now closes. We have had 3 happy, well-educated boys who thrived at the school. Over the 17 years the teaching has gone from strength to strength. Miss P's development into an amazing head teacher has been a joy to witness.


Fantastic and supportive school.


I am so happy that my children attend Farsley Springbank! I couldn't think of a better school! Thanks to all the staff for always working hard.


It's been a fantastic 4 years for our child and we will be extremely sad to leave Springbank. The level of commitment from the teaching staff and the very strong leadership provide the children with a lovely experience of primary education. The atmosphere at the school is warm, welcoming, fun, industrious and vibrant; Springbank thoroughly deserves its great reputation.


Lots of exciting opportunities. Dedicated staff. Happy secure place to be and learn.


Miss P and the staff are an asset to the school.


The teachers wish for each pupil to achieve and become good citizens are great role models for the students.


My daughter loves going to this school she is always happy and enjoys everyday she looks forward to going to school every day and tells me about all the fun things she has done every day.


We love Springbank and have been blown away by our child's progress this year. Thank you.


The main strength of the school is the happiness of the staff - happy staff gives happy kids, happy kids means great learning.


It's such an innovative school & ensures that all international events such as the Queen's birthday & the Euros are recognised. We love Springbank & wish our child could stay forever!!


I just think we are very lucky to have our children attending this school and would like to thank the hard work the head and teachers put in each and every day.