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Autumn 1 Week 4 29.9.23


We have had another busy week in Reception! In phonics we have been learning ‘c’, ‘k’, ‘u’, ‘b’ and ‘f’. We have used the sounds that we already know to blend them into words using Fred talk. It is really important to practise blending skills so that we are able to identify the sounds letters make and blend them together to help us read words.


Here are the sound videos to help you to practise reading and writing the sounds at home:


c –

k –

u –

b –

f -


Here are some Fred Talk games to practise blending at home:


Body parts –

Farm -


In maths, we have been finding matching pairs. The children have enjoyed hunting for matching wellington boots and explaining how they know they have found a matching pair. They have also been pegging up pairs of socks in the home corner and have enjoyed playing pairs with cards too. Perhaps you have a matching pairs game at home you might like to play together this weekend. Or perhaps your child could help you sort the washing and put pairs of socks together. We have also been learning sorting skills based on one or two attributes. The children have sorted a selection of balls and they used super talk partner skills to discuss how we could sort these – by colour, size and pattern. We have also sorted children, thinking about the colour of jumpers, colour of hair or eyes, gender, height. To practise this skill at home, perhaps you could gather some teddies at and sort them by size – a big group and a small group. Or you could have a selection of fruit – can your child sort them into red fruit and not red fruit? Can your child decide on their own groups for a selection of things?


In understanding the world, we have been learning about the artist Kandinsky. Your child may be able to tell you where Kandinsky was from (Russia). Can they find Russia on a world map? They may be able to tell you about the type of art Kandinsky produced (abstract) and how it was based on bold colours, shapes and lines as opposed to painting people or objects. Kandinsky’s paintings are very interesting to look at and the children have come up with some amazing ideas of what the picture remind them of or what they can see amidst the shapes and lines. They have also critiqued some artwork, explaining what they like or dislike about particular pieces of artwork. The children have created their own Kandinsky artwork, reproducing his style in different ways.


Next week we will be learning new sounds and continuing learning to blend sounds to make words. Please continue to practise the sounds at home. It really does make a huge difference. You might like to practise ‘speedy sounds’ where you show the cards in quick succession whilst your child says each sound. You might like to play ‘hide the sounds’ where you hide them around the room and your child has to find them and tell you what they are as they find them. You could make some matching pair cards with the sounds and see if you can get a pair!


In maths, we will be comparing amounts using the language more and fewer. We will be comparing items relating to size, mass and capacity. We will be using the language of small, large, heavy, light, more and less. Can you compare the sizes of your family members at home? Or perhaps how much water different water bottles hold? You might find some conkers this weekend – are some bigger than others?


Next week we will be doing our first Talk 4 Writing unit based on the story ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’. If you have this story at home, you might like to read it this weekend. We will be reading and discussing the story. The children will then learn to retell the story using actions. We will be thinking about which musical instruments will work well to help us retell the story and we will be performing the story with our actions and instruments.


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Have a lovely weekend,

The Reception team