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At Farsley Springbank we strive for all our children to become confident, successful and resilient mathematicians, who feel able to apply what they know, making connections to solve mathematical challenges. We want our children to enjoy a challenge in maths and to feel they have the tools and attitude to succeed, both in their school life and beyond their schooling years in the wider world and the world of work. We aim for our children to be fluent in the fundamentals of maths so that they are able to draw upon this knowledge rapidly and accurately. Fluent knowledge of key concepts will allow children’s working memory to be freed up for mathematical reasoning and problem solving, allowing them to apply their knowledge in a multitude of ways. We use a concrete, pictorial, abstract approach when introducing new concepts or content and we also use mistakes and misconceptions as an essential part of learning.



We use the mastery approach to the teaching of mathematics and use the White Rose Premium series of resources to support our teaching. Daily retrieval practice of key concepts previously taught is a fundamental part of our maths curriculum, as is a recap on the previous day’s learning. We are continually checking all children’s understanding throughout all maths lessons so that teaching can be adapted best meet the needs of all learners. We strive for all learners to make good progress in maths regardless of prior attainment and ensure our children who need to work outside their year group curriculum are well supported. We provide further challenge for those who can access the curriculum at a broader and deeper level than age related expectations and encourage collaboration in solving challenges. Our aim is for children to be able to independently apply the concepts they have learned to new problems in unfamiliar situations.

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