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Autumn 2 Week 5 8.12.23



What an exciting week we have had with our trip to Leeds Playhouse on Thursday. We had a wonderful time and the children behaved beautifully on the bus and in the theatre. The show was absolutely fantastic and the children came back to school very excited to talk about their favourite parts and characters. 
You might like to share the story at home. Here is a link to the story being read by Lenny Henry:
Thank you to the parents who came to help us on the trip. We hope you enjoyed the show!


This week the children have been doing lots of practice for the Christmas production. You may well have heard a sneak preview of some of our songs if your child has been singing these at home. They certainly are very catchy! Just a reminder to please bring in any costumes by Monday 11th December and if you have any problems getting hold of anything the please just mention this to one of the reception team. Please make sure costumes are in a named bag and that your child’s name is on the costume too.


In maths this week we have been learning about squares and rectangles. We have been hunting for these shapes, talking about their properties, making squares and rectangles using a variety of equipment and resources. You might like to see what sorts of squares and rectangles you can find at home and when out and about this weekend. Can your child tell you the difference between a square and a rectangle? Do they know that a rectangle has two longer sides and two shorter sides? Do they know that a square has equal sides? And can they tell you how many sides and corners? We have also been learning about different times of the day and what sorts of things we do at those times. We have been sequencing events throughout the day and using words such as first, next, after that, then and finally. You might like to talk to your child at home about what you do in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening. As you enjoy your weekend, maybe you could ask what time of day your child thinks it is and why? It is the morning because I have just woken up. It is the afternoon because we have had our lunch. It is evening because it is nearly time for bed.


We have been reading the story Dear Zoo in Talk 4 Writing. The children have really enjoyed retelling this story using actions and then drawing their own story maps to help retell the story. We will continue to retell the story next week and start writing our own versions of the story. 


Next week in maths we will be consolidating knowledge of number combinations to 5. We will be adding and subtracting numbers within 5 and learning about the concept of zero.


We hope you have a lovely weekend,
The Reception team