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Sporting competitions 2023-2024

Intraschool Benchball 05-09.02.2024

We have had an exciting final week before the half term, with our second intraschool sporting event between the house teams. It is important that they get the opportunity to represent their team throughout the year and engage in some healthy competition. This time we have chosen benchball for Years 1-6 and a ball game for Reception. It has been a great success! The children participated in 6 matches, giving them the opportunity to play all the other house teams in their year group whilst also spectating and cheering on their classmates. This also gave children a chance to practise sportsmanship, the children are reminded that it is important to win gracefully and congratulate other teams regardless of the result. Well done Springbank, can't wait for the next one! The results will be in soon...  

Year 3 and 4 boules 01.02.2024

A group of Year 3 and 4 children were invited to Crawshaw to take part in a boules event. The children had time to practise and then engaged in a friendly competition against the other schools participating. Miss Ferguson commented on the overall behaviour and attitude of all the children who took part, thanking the organiser and congratulating other teams. You all represented Springbank fantastically!

KS2 Ice Skating 22.01.2024

On Monday 22nd January, some children from KS2 went to Planet Ice for a 'come and try' ice skating event. A lot of the children who came had never been ice skating before so understandably there were a few nerves before however these quickly disappeared when they got onto the ice. The children had an instructor who told them how to get up if they fell then went onto practising some movements. All the children said that they would love to try ice skating again and everyone finished with huge smiles on their faces. Well done!

Year 5 and 6 Sports Hall Athletics 18.01.2024

On Thursday, a group of Year 5 and 6 children were invited down to Crawshaw for a Sports Hall Athletics event. The children all took part in either long jump, javilin, triple jump and target throwing. After that they all had a go at lots of different races including hurdles, balancing a ball on a racket and many more. They worked really well as part of a team and came 4th overall - well done!

Year 5 and 6 Sports Hall Athletics 15.01.2024

On Monday 15th January, the Year 5/6 Sports Hall Athletics squad took part in the Leeds City Heats at Leeds Trinity University. The children had trained really hard in their specific events and gave their absolute all on the day. They competed in a variety of track and field events including javelin, speed bounce, hurdles, obstacle races and long jump to name but a few! There was superb team spirit on show with all children encouraging each other and it was amazing to hear them cheering each other on over the finish line, no matter what position Springbank placed! It was an incredibly close heat with just a few points between the teams, with Springbank coming in an honourable 4th place. A special shoutout must go to the members of the team who had to take over at the last minute for a poorly member of the squad - it isn't always easy to put yourself forward for something you haven't practiced but they did so with confidence and determination. Well done to all the children for their incredible effort, often sacrificing lunchtime and breaktime play to practice their baton changeovers and reversa-board technique. You did Springbank proud!

Year 1 Commando Joes 11.01.2024

Our first event of the year was Commando Joes at Crawshaw. The aim of this event was for the children to work together and problem. There were 4 different activities for the children to complete. The first one required the children to use mats to get accross the 'lava'. In the next one they needed good communication skills to get the balls into the parachute and into a bucket - without touching them! They also had to save a teddy using ropes and design a course for a tennis ball to get to the end. They were all amazing! Well done Year 1!

Year 3 benchball 30.11.2023

On Thursday, a group of Year 3 children were invited down to Crawshaw to take part in a benchball event. The children played 5 matches against Greenside, Parkspring, Southroyd, Primrose and Waterloo. Miss Robertson was incredibly impressed with the childrens defending, team work and overall attitude. They represented Springbank fantastically! Well done! 

Year 5 girls football 23.11.2023

Year 1 gymnastics at Gym Magic 20.11.2023

On Monday, a group of children were invited to Gym Magic in Pudsey to take part in a gymnastic session. They did a range of activities and all had big smiles on their faces by the end! Have a look at some of the pictures. 

Year 6 boys football 16.11.2023

On Thursday, a group of Year 6 boys were invited down to Crawshaw to take part in a football competition. They played 3 matches against Southroyd, Swinnow and Beckfield winning 2 and losing one. This allowed us to qualify for the quarter finals. In this match against Primrose, we lost 1-0. The boys played some great football and worked together well as part of a team.

Year 2 Multiskills at 09.11.2023

On Thursday, a group of Year 2 children were selected to go to Crawshaw to take part in a 'multiskills' event. During their time there, they took part in different activities such as balancing, running, jumping and throwing.

Intraschool dodgeball event 23rd-27th October 

This year we are introducing half termly intra-sport competitions between the house teams at Springbank. It will provide the opportunity for all children to take part in sporting competitions and help children develop their ability in learning to lose, which no-one likes but it is important to be able to do so and pick yourself back up to have another go. It will also allow children to learn to win with a gracious and sportsman like attitude, also hugely important! Most of all it is a bit of fun, whilst being healthy and active! This half term, we have chosen dodgeball for Years 1-6 and a ball game for Reception. It has been a great success! The children really enjoyed working competitively together as a part of their team, to score points and try to be the overall winner. Children participated in 6 matches, giving them the opportunity to play all the other house teams in their year group whilst also spectating and cheering on their classmates. 

Year 5 Ultimate Frisbee 26.10.2023

On the 26th October, a group of Year 5 children were invited down to Crawshaw to take part in an ultimate frisbee event. They took part in lots of different activities using a frisbee, they particularly enjoyed the frisbee golf! All the children really enjoyed themselves, well done!

Year 3 Cheer and dance 18.10.2023

A group of year 3 children went to a Come and Try cheerleading event at Leeds Trinity University, where they learnt the basics of cheer dance. The coaches taught them arm positions such as T, broken T, candlesticks, high V and low V and cheerleading jumps such as a tuck jump, pike jump and a toe touch. After, the children learnt a routine to Cheerleader by Omi, where they practised everything that they had learnt. The children had a super time and came back to school very enthused about cheerleading and what they had learnt. Well done Year 3!

Year 4 football 10.10.2023

On the 10th October, Year 4 played a friendly football match against Westroyd. The event took place at Springbank, the weather conditions were great and the children were all very excited. The children played 7 aside with 3 children on subs, constantly rotating. We played 3, 15 matches with Springbank winning 1, Westroyd 1 and drawing the third. The children showed great enthusiasm, determination and sportsmanship. Well done! 

Year 5 and 6 dodgeball 21.09.2023

On the 21st September, a group of children from Year 5 and 6 went down to Crawshaw for a dodgeball event. Throughout the event children played 4 matches against Bolton Royd, Primrose Hill, Calverley Parkside and Pudsey Lowtown. As it was a friendly, no scores were taken but all of the children played extremley well. They showed great sportsmanship and represented Springbank brilliantly - Miss Robertson was so proud of them all! Well done!