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Autumn 2 Week 1 04.11.22

Week 1


This week Year 2 took part in a science experiment, the children observed Miss Slack and Miss O'Brien put a slice of bread into a bag with tweezers, the next slice of bread was touched by one child who had washed their hands and the final piece of bread was touched by everyone in the class without washing their hands, we are going to observe what happens to each slice of bread over the next 2 weeks and record the results. The second experiment was to see how easily germs are spread. One child used hand sanitiser and put glitter on their hands. They then walked around the classroom. The children observed the glitter spread onto other children and surfaces that were touched, showing how easily germs are spread. We also discovered an egg had been left in our classroom over the half term, we have made predictions about what could be inside the egg and are going to keep checking on the egg next week. In English we researched penguins using ipads, watching information videos and reading information sheets. This week in Maths we have been learning about the properties of 2D shapes, we practiced making shapes with lolly sticks and counted how many sides and vertices each shape had.