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Harry's 300 Word Story Entry

Walking through the forest I saw a ring sparkling behind a bush. On it, it said “This ring will open a portal.” There was only one thing to do if I wanted to go on an adventure, I went through.

In front of me was an enormous apple tree. One apple dropped off, and turned into a robot. There was an on/off switch. I pressed it. The robot started shaking and making a funny noise, then stopped and his eyes turned evil red. It started saying “destroy the world”. I thought, “Oh no, this must be the case of the computer malfunction”.

It started running away. I needed to catch him before he destroyed the world. I ran fast, but he was faster. I had to think, then I remembered the apple tree. I ran back to it and wished for a jetpack. My wish came true.

I put the jetpack on. Whoosh! I went flying at the speed of lightning. I looked down and saw the robot still running.

I headed towards a village to see if they had a net. I found a man teaching people magic. He taught me to make a net appear. Now I just had to find the robot.

I went back up in the air and put the mega powered jet boosters on. The robot was now saying, “exterminate all villagers”. I zoomed past him and tied the net around two trees. The net caught him, he was stuck. I switched him off. I thought “this is the first time I’ve saved the world and it deserves ice cream”.

I went back through the portal into the forest. At home, I snuck some ice-cream whilst my mum wasn’t looking - no way was she going to believe this story.


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