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Science Week 11.04.24

Science Week!

Springbank’s Science Week has been driven by the theme ‘Time’. As the saying goes, “time flies when you’re having fun” and the children of Springbank have experienced all the different avenues science can take us. Throughout the week we have had lots of visitors, from big to small!

Children in EYFS to Year 3 have taken part in the ‘Yorkshire Owl Experience’. The workshop included meeting 8 beautiful, extraordinary owls. Linking to our theme ‘Time’, the children explored how owls have adapted to survive in different conditions, how they protect themselves from predators and how they use their senses to detect their prey.

Observing changes overtime has been a key enquiry skill woven into our experiments and investigations. The children have discussed how and why reactions occur, for example our ‘magic milk’ experiment. The children watched as the dish soap reacted with fats in the milk to create beautiful swirls of colour.