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Autumn 2 Week 2 17.11.23



In maths this week we have been learning how 4 and 5 are represented in different ways. We have been coming up with our own ideas of how 4 and 5 can be represented, whether it be with our fingers, using blocks, numicon, with numerals such as spotting 4 or 5 on a clock face or on a front door or a whole range of different objects. At home, you could make a set of things which represent 4. Perhaps your child could collect up some objects such as a toy car (4 wheels), a toy dog (4 legs), 4 socks, a chair (4 legs). See what you can find! Can you do the same with 5? Some ideas to get you going could be a glove (5 spaces for fingers and thumb), a star with 5 points, a bookshelf with 5 shelves, a story book about 5 characters such as ‘The Ugly Five’. We’d love to see your 4 and 5 hunts at home. How many things can represent these numbers?


We have been watching the following Numberblocks videos this week. Here they are to share again at home:


This week has been ‘Anti-bullying week’ across school. In reception, we have been learning about what bullying means. The children have learnt that bullying is something which happens over and over again, not just one time. They have learnt about physical and verbal bullying. We have explored this year’s theme which is ‘Make a noise against bullying’ where the children have learnt that it is important to speak up and speak out.


We also watched a Topsy and Tim story about bullying. Here is the link to watch again at home:

We talked about what happened in the story and how Topsy and Tim helped their friend get the help he needed.


Next week in maths we will be learning about the composition of 4 and 5. We will also be using the language ‘one more’ and ‘one less’ within up to the number 5.


Next week in Understanding the World we will be learning about The Arctic. Your child may already know facts about the region of the world if they have interests in animals. At home you could begin to research where the Arctic is, what it is like and the animals and people that live in there.


We hope you have a lovely weekend,

The Reception team