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Meanwood Valley Urban Farm 05.11.2019 and 06.11.2019

Meanwood Valley Urban Farm - Rocks and Soils

On Tuesday, 3RS visited Meanwood Valley Urban Farm and 3L visited on Wednesday. The children started the day by walking along a geological timeline where they learned all about the different rock types, how they were formed and when they were formed. Safe to say, we all learnt something! After this, the children carried out some rock and soil experiments to discover the features of each one. After lunch, the group learnt how soil is made (Water, Air, Minerals, Organic Matter and Time) and then had a go at making their own big bag of soil! To finish the day they made a wormery and collected lots of rather soggy worms to add to it. We're going to keep this in the cupboard in the classroom so we can see how important worms are in the mixing of soil.