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Health Week

Health Week

The whole school takes part in our Health week every year.  Health week incorporates many aspects around being healthy, including looking after our emotional and mental health as well as our physical health and eating healthily.  Health week includes a variety of activities designed to encourage being physically active and promote well-being.  We always aim to be really active here at Springbank but in Health week it becomes main focus; all the children have the opportunity to take part in many additional activities which they thoroughly enjoy.  

Fun Run

In Health week we hold our annual Springbank Fun Run.  Each lap of the course works out at being three quarters of a kilometre so, therefore, any children achieving four laps are running 3K - roughly equivalent to running half a mile per lap.  All children are encouraged to challenge themselves and complete as many laps as possible either walking or running; the most important thing is to be active and keep going!  A small number of children have been known to complete 20 laps - the equivalent of running 10 miles!  Parents and other family members often join the children in the fun run so it is a real community event.

KS2 Multi-Activity session

Every year, as part of our Health Week, we hold a multi-activity session.  The children enjoy participating in a wide range of activities ranging from javelin throwing to practising their baseball swing. It provides an opportunity for all children to participate regardless of previous experience; it occasionally involves trying something new but the most important thing is that is great fun as the children work together in teams to complete the different physical challenges. 

Multi-Activity session for Reception/KS1

Reception/KS1 also take part in a session where they have all kinds of physical challenges to complete such as an obstacle course, hurdling, throwing a ball into a net, skipping and completing start jumps.  The children always have great fun and enjoy challenging themselves. You can see in the photographs below what a super time they have!

Mental Health

During health week, we learn about feelings and managing our emotions and we look at how all feelings can be helpful. Younger children spend time discussing what they know about feelings and how they can recognise different feelings. They also discuss how we help when our friends are feeling a certain way. We spend time discussing that even uncomfortable feelings are good, how we can use these feelings to help us and how we can manage these feelings in a positive way. Although this message is given in health week, children are encouraged to talk about their feelings all the time and to seek help when they feel that they need.

Morning Aerobics

During Health Week, children are encouraged to start the day with exercise and take part in morning Aerobics with Miss Clark. Children are taught that a physically active start to the day helps to boost their energy and their ability to learn. Staff are also expected to join in to share the active start to the day and everyone goes back to class with big smiles and rosy cheeks!