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Summer 1 Week 6 27.5.22



This week we have been learning about different elements of being healthy both in body and mind.


On Monday all the children took part in the fun run which was not only great fun but has raised a lot of funds for the school. Thank you so much for everyone who raised funds and of course those who were able to join us for a lap or two on the day. In the afternoon the children learned about the different food groups and how foods should be eaten in a balanced way to make a healthy diet. They also learnt how to make fruit smoothies by chopping fruit and adding milk and yoghurt to the mix. The children were very excited to try out their delicious drinks and think of other fruits they could try adding if they were to make a smoothie at home.


On Tuesday the children learnt about dental health and how brushing teeth must be combined with food choices and trips to the dentist to ensure their teeth are clean and healthy. We learnt a tooth brushing song and practiced brushing our teeth for 2 minutes in different directions to make sure no part of our teeth would be missed. In the afternoon the children took part in a dance session where they moved to music inspired by the circus. The children tiptoed and balanced along a pretend tight rope, pretended to be strong men and even met a dancing gorilla! The children enjoyed following the dance moves demonstrated by the dance teachers and even had the chance to show off some of their own moves within the session.


On Wednesday they read the book Conker the Chameleon and thought about how important it is to talk about our feelings. We talked about how being healthy is not just keeping our body healthy but also our mind.


On Thursday we thought about different ways to stay active and the children joined in with some warm ups, dancing and cooling down. The children noticed what happened to our body when we do some exercise and we all felt our heart rates going faster and slowing down again. The children enjoyed our outdoor disco where we even ended up with a conga! There were some amazing dance moves.


On Friday we took part in the Jubilee Activity morning led by Year 6 children. The children moved around different activities on the field including splatting Miss Percival with wet sponges, racing on horses, pin the crown on the queen, ‘coconut’ shy and many more. We all had lots of fun.


In maths, we have been learning about spatial reasoning. We have been reviewing our knowledge of 2D shapes and looking at rotation and how different shapes can be made by rotating and combining smaller shapes. You might like to have a go at tangrams on this website:


After the half term we will be learning about doubling numbers.


Our topic after the half-term is all about minibeasts. Perhaps over the holidays you might like to find minibeasts in your garden or at the park. You may even have books about minibeasts or you might like to go to the library and see what you can find.


When we return, please continue to ensure your child has a sun hat and drink each day and sun cream applied if the weather is hot and also a rain coat just in case.


Thank you again for your continued support. Please feel free to continue to send any photos or videos of your child’s activities at home, as they really help to build a full picture of your child’s progress or experiences.


We hope you have a lovely holiday!

The Reception Team