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Spring 1 Week 5 3.2.23



This week the children have been learning about instructional writing through our Talk 4 Writing unit ‘How to make a jam sandwich’. They have learnt about ingredients, equipment and numbered steps including time openers such as first, then, next, after that and finally. They have had a go at making their own jam sandwiches following the instructions. They have also begun to write their own set of instructions.


In maths the children have been exploring the concept of one more and one less using the story of Kipper’s Toy Box. Perhaps you could put some toys in a box (up to 8). What if one jumps out? How many are left? Can your child figure out how many if you take one away or add one back in? They can use counters, buttons, a number line or their fingers to help. The children have also been making pairs, using larger numbers to find pairs. With a pile of 9 socks, can you find the pairs? Are there any left over? Maybe your child could help with some sock matching at home. Or sorting out pairs of shoes or gloves. Do you have a game of snap at home or a pairs game where you turn over the cards and find a matching pair? Why not have a game together? The children have been practising combining two groups together. You could do this at home with toys or food. For instance, how many apples are in the fruit bowl? How many oranges are in the fruit bowl? How much fruit is there altogether?


Next week we will continue with our Talk 4 Writing unit. The children will be thinking about different types of sandwich and how we can adapt our instructions.

Next week is also Children’s Mental Health Week. The theme will be ‘To connect’. We will be thinking about connecting with others to help and support each other and will be exploring this theme through the story ‘Room on the Broom’.


On Tuesday it will be Internet Safety Day. All classes across school will have lessons based on being safe online.

In maths next week the children will be comparing height and length. They will be using the vocabulary longer and shorter and taller and shorter. They will also be measuring height and time and consolidating their knowledge of the days of the week.


Thank you for your continued support in your child’s learning. It is lovely to see pictures and videos and also to hear about all the reading and writing practice you are doing at home. A little bit each day makes such a difference to your child’s progress. We also love to see posts about other experiences your child has such as learning to ride a bike, taking part in activities with family and friends, coming home and telling you all about what they have learnt in school, the list is endless! All of these experiences and activities help us to see your child’s learning over the course of the year as they are learning all the time, not just when they are at school.


We hope you have a lovely weekend.
The Reception team