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Visitors and Workshops

Snapshot of science in Springbank!


As part of our science curriculum we ensure that the children have a broad range of experiences that link to the content taught in each year group. This ensures that the children have the opportunity to apply knowledge taught to real life experience whilst making links and deepening understanding further.

Careers within science

At Springbank, we invite parents and careers to share their careers with the children. A huge thank you to those who offer their time to come into school to share the wonderful science behind their job roles! We have recently welcomed a Dentist and Midwife into KS1 to inspire and answer any questions that the children may have.

Sublime Science

This workshop gives children the opportunity to see lots of scientific concepts brought to life! During the session, children will observe water disappearing, a cup grow, a tornado created in a plastic bottle and lastly... children get to make their own slime!

Zoo Lab

Springbank welcomes visitors big , small or even slimy. Children take part in different workshops delivered by Zoolab such as Habitats, Rainforest Discovery and Minibeasts. 

We get the opportunity to meet lots of unique animals and learn all about where they live and how they survive.

Yorkshire Owl Experience

Children in EYFS to Year 3 have taken part in the ‘Yorkshire Owl Experience’. The workshop included meeting 8 beautiful, extraordinary owls. The children explored how owls have adapted to survive in different conditions, how they protect themselves from predators and how they use their senses to detect their prey.

Year 4 visitor-  Science of sound with Boffin Projects 

Year 4 had a visitor doing their science topic 'sound'. The children put their knowledge to the test through a range of practical experiments and were fascinated to see their learning come to life. In the afternoon, they then used scrap materials to create their own musical instruments! 

Year 5 visitor - Wonder Dome

Year 5 had a visit from the Space dome. This inflatable planetarium showed the children the universe as they had never seen it before. An expert walked the children through the galaxy. During this, year 5 watched film that explored the idea of life on other planets as well as  current missions to space. The children were fascinated and had the opportunity to ask their questions to an expert! 

Have a sneak peak of our snapshot slide below!