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Annual Parent Survey 2018

Annual Parent  Survey July 2018

The document below provides the summary findings from the Annual Parent Survey July 2018.  

Comments made by parents about what they feel the school does well.


I feel that all the staff go the extra mile to ensure children enjoy learning and are excited by learning. I love the family feel of the school; everyone is treated as an individual and their needs dealt with appropriately.


Very good school for primary education in the area.


The school is a pleasant, enriching and warm environment. The only issues I do have are being dealt with sensitively and appropriately. The school has a very open door policy, which is great. The learning opportunities are fantastic.


A lovely welcoming school and approachable, friendly staff. The classrooms and library are decorated brightly which makes learning more fun and interesting.


Springbank is a fantastic school which my child has enjoyed being a member of and my other child loves his adventures to come in Year 4. This is credit to the environment the school creates.


The hard work and dedication of the staff to keep the school open during a harsh winter showed huge commitment to the children’s education


Great atmosphere (from a parent's perspective) - school feels light and "friendly" - teachers are informed and aware of my child's strengths and weaknesses - the amalgamation of the younger pupils into the school has increased the size of the pupil base without diluting the homely feel of the school. I have been making almost daily trips to the school for the past dozen years and have always felt my children were in a safe and interested place to develop and overcome any issues they may have experienced.... they never felt like "another number".


I am very happy with the standard of education and support my daughters have received whilst being at Springbank. The school is very well run, very open and friendly, and the teaching and support staff are brilliant. This is clearly reflected in the children's behaviour and academic achievement. As a parent, I feel I am kept well informed and the use of parent mail means I can go back and check through information, should I misplace any letters etc.


Have loved my child being able to learn a musical instrument from a young age, and to be encouraged in his sport.


The openness and availability of staff is excellent. Things like the Facebook group and Miss Percival being on the school gates are great.


I cannot praise Springbank enough, the school provides a lovely relaxed fun environment yet the children are constantly learning, often supplemented with visitors to make topics more interesting. The staff are all lovely, so caring and genuinely seem to enjoy what they do, even providing lots of out of hours activities and discos for the children to enjoy. The staff also know your child as an individual and help develop their strengths further and provide support for any weaknesses/difficulties. The annual school reports are so personalised and show this perfectly as does the obvious pride I have seen from my child’s Year 6 teachers on her achievements this year!


Really supportive school and I’m so happy Leeds council allocated my child to Springbank. So happy with the school.


Excellent well led school with great supportive teachers and staff. It will be my child's last school year after the school holidays and it will be very sad for us to say goodbye. Both my children’s experience of Springbank has been fantastic. My older son and his friends still talk about Springbank and they are about to go into year 11 so I think that speaks volumes about the school!


Springbank supports children at all levels and gives them to opportunity to be themselves. My girls have benefited from counselling, learning tools, amazing trips, music rewards. The teachers go above and beyond to make school a happy place to be, giving children amazing experiences to allow them to show their strengths and help them grow in confidence and ability. They listen to parents’ views and opinions. They do what is right balancing quality and quantity i.e homework.


Fantastic teachers and head teacher. Our children are very lucky to be part of this school.


The school has many activities that involve both the children and parents together which is lovely and which friends schools do not have at their school.


I am very happy with the progress both my children are making at Springbank school but most importantly to myself they see school as a safe, happy place to be and the effort teachers put into making sure children feel this way as well as all the hard work that goes into their learn is a great attribute to the school.


Staff are friendly and helpful. My son had enjoyed going to this school as the teachers find interesting ways to keep him engaged with his learning.


A friendly, happy school, my child has enjoyed her time there and will greatly miss many of the staff.


It is obvious Miss Percival puts above & beyond into leading & managing the school.


We think Springbank is a fantastic school, all the extra activities like after school clubs, the fun morning for Reception & Year 1, Springbank got talent, school discos. Everything is so organised and all the children seem so engaged & happy they are extremely lucky to have all this. So a big thank you to all the teachers who make this happen.


All staff go above and beyond. My child loves coming to school and loves the variation of learning.


Springbank leads by example for every child to follow in it’s footsteps.


The school has many strengths.


The communication from the school is excellent. Miss Percival is available and approachable. The support of learning is excellent. For example, tuition for weak areas in my child's learning. The financial arrangements for the residentials are very helpful and inclusive.


Great support to families with children with special needs, adjustments and pick up accommodations made to make life more relaxed for my child’s autistic sibling.


Communication is excellent if there are any concerns, we feel supported.  My child loves coming to school and is motivated to work to her best. The trips are good. Parents are well informed.


The school has been great in supporting my son this year, which shows in his school report and most importantly him as a person. I can’t thank his teacher and the school enough. Thank you so much.


A really happy, well managed school.


New Year 5 residential was big hit with my child and boosted her confidence.

Great communication via newsletters and Facebook. Such an organised school. Thank you. I can see that the teachers must work really hard to organise all the extra activities that enhance the curriculum so thank you.


Very polite staff throughout the school. Ongoing activities for the children. I feel the staff in RS have put 100% effort in with my child and I couldn’t be happier as she has made lots of progress.  It’s a very clean school. Very friendly, welcoming school to late starters. Overall a fantastic school.


Springbank is an amazing school and I am very sad that I will no longer have a child here. The staff go above and beyond to ensure the children have a fantastic experience. Thank you for everything!


It's great to feel that our feedback is heard. We appreciate the amount of advance notices about upcoming events as well. Thank you for giving our child another fruitful and enjoyable year!


Just very happy with the close connected environment and friendly helpful staff.  Looking forward to being more involved in music sport and languages too.


Great school & my younger child is looking forward to starting in September.


The school is fantastic and really in the heart of the community of Farsley. My child has achieved more than we could ever have dreamed. Thank you.


In my experience, the staff and school as a whole are amazing and all should be proud of everything they achieve.


I think Springbank does a good job.


My son has had a wonderful and rewarding experience at Springbank. He and I will miss it immensely.


We're very grateful for all everyone has done for our child this year. Starting school was scary for him, for us!  You've made the transition for us all a positive experience. thank you.


Just all the staff keep up the good work! Its a brilliant school and my child really enjoys it.


I think Springbank is an excellent school lead by a wonderful head teacher.