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Survival Afternoon 16.05.19

This afternoon the children spent the afternoon outside facing survival and teamwork challenges. After receiving a letter from a famous survival expert and explorer, they headed out on an orienteering challenge armed with a map of the school grounds and a code to crack. The children were great at finding the clues and on the way they collected a list of important items needed for survival. 

Well done to those groups who cracked the code. The word was SURVIVAL. 


Next, the children were asked to make a survival stew in groups and were given a recipe. They hunted for the ingredients on the field and stirred it all in a big pot. I don't think anyone would've been brave enough to try it, even if we had said they could!!! 


Lastly, the children took part in some team challenges where they had to compete to cross a river using planks of wood and race to get all the water from one bucket to another bucket at the end of the line. Both games tested the children's teamwork and resilience and they all had great fun!


Thank you to those parents and carers who were able to join us on our survival afternoon. If you were not able to make it, below is a selection of photographs from the afternoon.