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Bikeability 11 - 13.01.2023

Bikeability Level 1 11-13.01.2023

Over the last 3 days, Year 4 have taken part in their Bikeability Level 1 training which, despite the cold temperatures, they have thoroughly enjoyed. The children came with a huge amount of enthusiasm and energy and put their all into practicing lots and lots of cycling skills that will help keep them safe on their future bike rides! The course covered the following skills;

Preparing for a journey

  • Know if I am ready to ride
  • Check my clothes are right
  • Fitting a helmet.

Checking my bike

  • Naming the parts of the bike
  • Checking the tyres, brakes, chain and handlebars
  • Checking if the size is right.

Set off, slow down and stop

  • Get on the bike and sit securely
  • Check for hazards
  • Set the pedals and set off 
  • Brake smoothly
  • Brake quickly
  • Dismounting the bike.


  • Look behind while riding
  • Ride with one hand on the handlebars
  • Turning left and right
  • Avoiding hazards
  • Controlling speed
  • Use brakes.