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WEEK 1 23.03.20-27.03.20

Day 5 :  Friday 27th March 2020


Good Morning! 


Today is day 5 of your home learning pack! I hope that you have enjoyed completing the tasks and spending time with your family. I would just like to say thank you to all of the parents that have sent in videos, pictures or even just emailed to let us know how the children are getting on. It is lovely to see and brightens up our day! If you would like to see all of the children's lovely work, click on the flower which will direct you to the correct page.



In your learning pack today you will find:


Reading task : Add sound buttons to each word in the paragraph. First read the passage like a robot and then with expression. Once you have done this there are comprehension questions below to see if you read the text carefully! 

Challenge:  In your exercise books can you record all of the digraphs that you have found and write 3 words with the same digraph e.g  ay    play  today crayon


Phonics + Tricky word tasks:  Handwriting practise and alternative spelling for oa, can you match the word to the correct picture?

In your tricky word booklet match the tricky words. After you have connected the mouse to the cheese, In your exercise books write a sentence with each tricky word in.


Maths Task:

Can you write the number that is represented in the image? Once you have done this order the numbers from smallest to greatest. Don't forget you have a 100 square in your pack for support. The next task is to insert a more than and less than sign into the empty squares. If you can't remember which sign to use <  ,  > or   = follow the link :     

Challenge : Write out your own number sentences using the more than, less than and equal to signs.   e.g  43   <  54   <  72     or        28  =   28   >   14

Day 4 - Thursday 26th March

Good morning everyone. I hope you are all well and keeping busy at home. 

Here is the overview of tasks for today from the home learning pack. There are some extra challenges too in case you want to do them. 


Topic - Day 4

Colour in each continent and label using the correct continent name. You can use a map online to help or an atlas if you really need to, but most children should know where most of the continents are as we have practised a lot. 

You could watch the song here to help you remember. The challenge is to then write some facts about each continent into your purple books. Remember we know loads about Africa!


Maths - Day 4

Comparing numbers using the symbols < > =.

You could try to work out each number and write it in digit and word form before choosing the correct symbol to compare the two numbers. For an extra challenge try and explain why you have chosen that symbol. For example - 22 is greater than 12 because it has 2 tens and 12 only has 1 ten. They both have 2 ones. 


Phonics & Tricky Words - Day 4

Alternatives for the /igh/ sound and caption handwriting. How many other words can you think of with each of those /igh/ sounds? Tricky word matching. 

I have also added powerpoints and videos so that the children can practise their sounds and tricky words like we do in the classroom. 


Day 3:    Wednesday 25th March 2020 


Good Morning Year 1!

I hope you have been enjoying your home learning pack! Don't forget to send your work to your class teacher so that we can also see your amazing hard work. We would love to see the activities you have been doing at home e.g. baking, playing football in the garden or some amazing art and crafts!


Who is ready for Joe Wicks at 9am? Don't forget your daily exercise!


In your home learning pack you will find: 


Writing Task

During guided reading lessons the children have been reading Little Red Riding Hood and have loved reenacting this story. Can you remember the beginning, middle and end of the story and write it in your own words? 

Success Criteria

  • Capital Letters
  • Full stops
  • Adjectives 
  • Conjunctions  'and, because, but'

Phonics Task

Sentence Substitution - Swap the underlined word with one from the box. You may find some silly sentences! 

In Year 1 phonics we have been looking at alternative spellings for ee sound. Can the children identify the alternative spellings within each word?

Challenge, do you know any other words with ey, ea , y, e_e and write them in your exercise book.

Maths Task

Can you find the missing numbers? There is a hundred square on the following page to support your counting. 

Game :  'Who can spot the number the fastest?' the aim of this game is to build your child's confidence when finding numbers on a 100 square. Your child may even spot some patterns within each column.

Tricky Words

Match the lock and key. Challenge: In your exercise books practise spelling your tricky words. Can you write each tricky word into a sentence?


Day 2 - Tuesday 24th March 2020


Good Morning Year 1! I hope everyone is feeling well and you are all managing to do things to keep you busy. Just a reminder that the Joe Wicks workouts are live on Youtube every day at 9am and can be accessed afterwards too. I will be joining in today too!

Tasks for today from the home learning pack are:-


Reading Comprehension - How the Kangaroos got their tails.

We have told you which sounds to try and spot in the passage and there are also some questions to answer in your purple book. 


Maths - Number bonds to 10

For a challenge, try and write your number bonds to 20 in your purple book. Can you show your number bonds as part-part-whole models or bar models?


Phonics & Tricky Words - Day 2 of worksheets.

Alternatives for the /ai/ sound. Challenge - What other words can you write down that have the different /ai/ sounds in them? Can you add the sound buttons?

Tricky word colouring - once you have coloured in the butterflies, get someone to test you on your reading and spelling of the Phase 5 tricky words. 


Don't forget that you can send us any work you complete by email and we can have a look at your hard work. It would be great to see other things you are doing too. 

Parents, please don't feel pressured to do this - we appreciate that many people are juggling working from home and looking after younger children too. Be kind to yourselves and stay healthy. 


I will be posting speed sounds and tricky words videos later in the week so the children can keep up with their phonics practise.


Have a good day


Miss Wood 


Worksheets for Day 2

DAY 1: Monday 23rd March 2020


Good morning Year 1, today is your first day of home learning!

Now, before you start you must make sure you have your purple exercise book , your home learning pack and a table to rest on comfortably.


Today you must complete:


Day 1- English Writing Task 'All about giraffes'

Day 1- Phonics 'Finding the word' and 'Missing Blends'

Day 1- Maths 'Mat 1' .

Day 1- Reading with an adult

Day 1- Spelling practise using your tricky word mat

Preview of worksheets:

DON'T FORGET!     Each piece of work must have the Date and Title e.g: 


Monday 23rd March 2020 

Day 1: English Writing Task



Be proud of your work and send it to your class teacher.

We can then upload a picture of your work onto the website for your class to see :).


Keep up the hard work Year 1! 


Class Teacher emails: