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Spring 2 Week 5 26.3.21



In phonics this week, the children have been working hard in their groups. As well as reading and writing within these sessions, the children have been using their phonic knowledge in other areas: writing words and sentences about the picture of the day when they arrive in the morning; writing in their ‘busy books’ (children complete an independent piece of writing each week in these books and draw a picture to match what they have written) and writing sentences about our story The Little Red Hen. We are so proud of the progress the children are making in their reading and writing. Thank you for your continued support in this and with reading practice at home.


In maths, we have been learning how to compare and measure length and height. The children have had fun measuring how tall they are and comparing their height with others. They have enjoyed measuring the snakes and checking they fit in their sleeping bags. We have investigated making pairs and have thought about odd and even numbers. We have also been counting in 2s. If you can practice counting in 2s at home then this would help to consolidate what the children have done this week. We also explored the concept of time, thinking about days of the week (we particularly liked this song:

and also about how long things take. The children completed a series of challenges: all lasting one minute!


We have continued our Talk 4 Writing unit this week all about The Little Red Hen. Thank you for the lovely renditions of The Little Red Hen we have received through Tapestry: they have been brilliant! The children have used their story maps to retell the story and have written parts of the story too. We have also looked at how we make the story our own by changing particular features.


Next week in maths we will be exploring mass and capacity. At home, you can talk about the weight of different objects using the terms heavy, light, heavier, lighter, heaviest, lightest. Perhaps you might go to the park and go on the seesaw or weigh out ingredients when doing some baking. You could also put some different containers in the bath and play at filling and emptying using terms such as full, half-full, empty. Which of your containers holds the most water? How could you find out?


In Understanding the World, we will be learning about Easter. We will look at what Christians believe and we will learning about different Easter traditions. We will be enjoying Easter crafts too.


We hope you all enjoy your weekend.

The Reception Team