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Fairburn Ings 10.09.19

Trip to Fairburn Ings


Year 2 started off the year with a fantastic trip to Fairburn Ings Nature Reserve near Castleford. When the children got back to school, they were given a special challenge to write a paragraph about the day which would be published on the school website! The children worked in groups to recount all the main events of the day. Then the teachers took everyone's ideas and put them altogether. Have a look at what they wrote.



Yesterday we went on our first ever Year 2 trip to Fairburn Ings. We were feeling happy and excited. On the coach we were singing We Will Rock You and The Greatest Showman! Firstly, we played a fun bird calling game with Becky. After that we had fun collecting wool worms (luckily they were not real!) We also did some bird watching with binoculars. Then afterwards went to look in a field with Elizabeth. We searched under rocks and logs and swooped big nets into bushes. Next we hit tall trees to shake out insects and found frogs, spiders and a tiny yellow lizard. After such an exciting day we were all ready for a rest on the (very hot) coach.



On Tuesday Year 2 went on a trip to Fairburn Ings. Firstly, we went on a field and lifted logs up and found lots of bugs. We found a spider, some slugs and a big worm. Secondly, we went to the park to listen to birds and after that we looked for worms. The light-coloured worms were much easier to find. Then we went bird watching and we saw a great tit. Soon it was time to go to the coach. After we went on the coach, we went back to school.