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Summer 1 Week 5 19.5.23



This week we have continued to learn about toys and how they have changed over time. We have looked at older toys, sorting them into groups and ordering them using a timeline. The children have been creating their own toys, using box-modelling techniques. The children have enjoyed buying toys in our toy shop using the play money and the till, taking turns at being the shop keeper and the customers.


We had a great time at Abbey House museum on Thursday, exploring the museum’s toy exhibitions, the Victorian town and taking part in the old toy workshops where children learnt about old toys, how they work and what they are made from. They were able to have a go playing with these old toys. The children behaved beautifully, asking some great questions and sharing their own knowledge of old and new toys. The staff at Abbey House were so impressed that they presented us with a certificate for outstanding behaviour which we shared in celebration assembly. Well done children! And a big thank you to the parents who joined us for the day. 


Next week in Understanding the World, we will be thinking about who is special to us and what makes people special. We will learn about some special people in religion as well as thinking about people who help us. 

In maths, we have been learning about subtraction and how we can take away using a number track and counting backwards. We have also revisited the idea that when we take away, our numbers get smaller and we end up with less. The children have enjoyed playing skittles outside. When they have knocked some down we have been finding out how many are left standing, eg We started with 10 and we knocked 3 over so now we have 7. We have 7 and we knocked 2 over so now we have 5. This is a great way to embed the idea that when things are taken away, the number gets smaller. If you have skittles, you may want to play this at home together. Or maybe you could make your own skittles using old cans or bottles. 


Next week we will be learning about doubling numbers and that this means to add the same number again. The children will be doubling using a range of equipment and games. You might like to play a game with two dice: Take turns to roll the dice. If you roll a double and can say the double (eg double 3 is 6), you score a point. 


With the lovely sunny weather that is forecast, please ensure that your child has sun cream applied before coming to school, a sun hat to wear outside and a full water bottle each day. 


We hope you have a lovely weekend,
The Reception Staff