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Governing Board

Farsley Springbank's Governing Board

All schools in England have a Governing Board which is responsible for overseeing many of the strategic decisions of the school. The governing board conducts its business to take account of the three roles of the governing board as outlined in the Governance handbook:


  • Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction;
  • Holding the Headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils;
  • Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent.


The day to day management of the school is the responsibility of the Head teacher and senior leadership team.


In September 2013 the governing body elected to reconstitute, in keeping with statutory guidance from the Department for Education.


The constitution of Farsley Springbank's Governing Board:

  • Headteacher
  • One Local Authority governor - recommended by the LA and approved by the governing body.
  • Two parent governors - formally elected through a ballot of parents unless the election is uncontested.
  • Eight co-opted governors - nominated and appointed by the governing board.
  • One staff governor - formally elected by staff employed at the school.


The standard term of office for a governor is four years. The chair and vice-chair are elected annually at the first meeting of the academic year.


The chair of governors is Mrs Sally Brookes, who can be contacted via the school office.

Meeting of the Governing Board

The full governing board meets six times a year; all full governing board meetings are clerked by a trained professional clerk.  The governing board ensures it covers all statutory duties and fulfills the strategic responsbilities. This is done through the six full Governing board meetings, face to face (visits into school), information provided by the Headteacher and members of the leadership team and external sources such as the school improvement adviser and national data.

Attendance Register for Governor meetings

Mrs Sally Brookes, Chair of Governors

  • Co-opted governor - appointed by the Governing Board


  • Term of office: 29/06/2017 until 23/03/2025


  • Has responsibility for Safeguarding and is the named governor for Child Protection and Children Looked After. Sits on Headteacher Performance Management panel


  • Register of business / personal interests: none declared


My son attended both Westroyd and Springbank until the end of Year 5 when, as a family, we moved to the Isle of Man. I took early retirement and returned to Farsley in October 2015 to welcome the newest members of the family and now have two grandsons. I joined the Governing Body in July 2017 and do my best to support the school in any way that I can.


In my career I taught in secondary schools in London and Bradford before joining the senior management team at Salt Grammar School in Shipley as Assistant Headteacher; I also completed a Masters degree in Education Management. On the Isle of Man I joined the leadership team of the largest secondary school. My role involved overseeing the special educational needs team as well as being the designated teacher for Children Looked After and then the designated teacher for safeguarding and child protection. Whilst there I also completed the National Professional Qualification for Headship and became involved in the wider community to improve outcomes for children and families. This led to a move to the Department of Education and Children in 2009 as the Director of Services for Children.

Miss Sharon Percival

  • Headteacher governor


  • Term of office: 01/09/2010 until 01/01/2050


  • Register of business / personal interests: none declared


I was delighted to be appointed as the permanent Headteacher of Farsley Springbank in April 2012, having been the Acting Headteacher since September 2010.  I have taught at Springbank since 1999, becoming the Deputy Headteacher in 2006.  Farsley Springbank is a fantastic school, with committed governors and staff; it has active and supportive parents as well as super children.  I have enjoyed being a pivotal part of the team for many years that has enabled the school to become the success it is today and thrive on leading the school to continue its drive for further improvement.  As the Head of Farsley Springbank, I attend all Governor meetings.  I enjoy meeting with Governors as they represent a good cross-section of the local community.  Working with Governing Body helps the Leadership Team to step back from day to day issues which allows us to look carefully at all our strategic decisions.  The Governing Body are supportive yet challenging which enables us to continually strive to ensure the best possible outcomes for all children.

Mrs Kirsty Quayle

  • Co-opted governor - appointed by the Governing Body


  • Term of office: 22/03/2023 until 21/03/2027


  • Sits on Headteacher Performance Management panel; has responsibility for SEN, Complaints and Equalities.


  • Register of business / personal interests: none declared


I have been a Governor at Farsley Springbank for 6 years taking on the role of Chair from September 2017 until March 2022. I currently work for Leeds City Council in the Statutory Assessment and Provision Service (SENSAP) Childrens Services. My work as a Monitoring and Quality Assurance Officer provides me with the scope to work and liaise with schools on the provision and progress for pupils with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities. This work is extremely rewarding and affords me the opportunity to work with Mainstream and Specialist settings across Leeds with pupils of all age groups and experience the diverse and personalised curriculum offers that are in place for Leeds pupils. I oversee the distribution of the SEN funding mechanism in Leeds (FFI) and ensure that pupils receive additional funding to ensure high quality SEN support and make progress in line with their abilities. I have previously worked as a Secondary SENCo and Assistant Headteacher for Inclusion – which is why I was particularly interested in being involved in the Pupil Support and Teaching and Learning Committees at Farsley Springbank.


This year I have been focusing on recruiting additional members to the governing body - our team of governors has grown and we now have wide and diverse skill set in order to help support and challenge the school further.

I have been involved in supporting the recruitment of new staff to the school which has been successful in ensuring the appointments of highly enthusiastic and qualified staff to add to the school team.


I was really pleased to be able to support the delivery of the key Stage 2 SATs papers where I could see first hand the exemplary behaviour and fantastic learning attitudes of the children and have completed learning walks with the SENCo to ensure that the provision for children with SEN and disabilities is in place.


Within the Teaching and Learning and Pupil Support Committees I have supported the review of key policies, scrutinised school data and asked questions of staff to ensure that any areas for development have been addressed to make sure that the children at Farsley continue to be in receipt of high quality teaching and learning experiences and continue to be well cared for.


My time spent on the Governing Body so far has been really rewarding and I am looking forward to continuing this into the next academic year - Its great to be part of a team that puts children at the centre of everything they do!

Mr Robert Lancashire

  • Co-opted governor - appointed by the Governing Body 


  • Term of office: 12/12/2022 until 11/12/2026


  • Has responsibility of Curriculum governor


  • Register of business / personal interests: none declared


My son has been with Farsley Springbank Primary School for many years now and we've been extremely impressed with the school's culture, my son's development, and most importantly, how happy he is to be there. 


I come from a family of teachers so education has always been part of my life. Having been a governor for a number of years now, it's great to be able to be part of a great team at the school.


I am a data professional and work with a variety of companies to use data to improve performance and use these skills and experience in education and government data to help the school utilise its data to continuously improve our children's education.

Mr John Forrest

  • Co-opted governor - appointed by the Governing Body 


  • Term of office: 18/09/2019 until 17/09/2023


  • Has responsibility for PE and Sports Premium and is the link governor for English including reading.


  • Register of business / personal interests: none declared


I have been living in Leeds and working in schools for the past 10 years having originally grown up in Liverpool. I have lived in Farsley for the past 3 years and I feel very excited and privileged to become a Governor at Farsley Springbank School.


I worked in a secondary school in West Leeds for 9 years predominantly as a PE Teacher alongside a specific responsibility for supporting the development of trainee teachers and NQTs across our Multi Academy Trust. During this time, I also completed a Master’s in Education, which supported my own development and allowed me to research the most impactful methods of learning for the students that I was teaching.


For the past 12 months, I have been working for Teach First as a Teacher Educator which includes observing trainee teachers and NQTs and providing them with support to gain their qualified teacher status and pass their NQT year. As part of my role, I also work alongside Sheffield Hallam University conducting research into specific aspects of education that will ultimately allow our ‘new’ teachers to develop their practice and maximise progress for their classes.


I hope that the experience that I have gained in these roles will help me to support teaching staff at Farsley Springbank in a similar way and play a small part in providing the best possible education for the young people of Farsley.


Mrs Kim Hurrell

  • Co-opted governor - appointed by the Governing Board


  • Term of office: 10/12/2021 until 09/12/2025


  • Register of business / personal interests: none declared


My name is Kim Hurrell and I have 2 children, one in year 4 at Farsley Springbank and one who has just left and started high school in September.


I currently work in a Leeds Primary school and my role is School Business Manager. I have various skills that I bring to the role of governor, including Health & Safety knowledge plus Finance/Budget experience. I have lots of HR experience and have a healthy interest in education. I have a varied skill set and am extremely committed to the education of all children.

Mr Shaun Burke

  • Parent governor - elected by parents 


  • Term of office: 07/12/2022 until 06/12/2026


  • Has responsibility for Health and Safety and Government Grants such as Pupil Premium funding and Sports Premium funding.


  • Register of business / personal interests: Works for the Football Foundation - may support the school in accessing potential funding in the future.  Is a coach/committee member of Farsley Celtic Juniors Football Club.


I am an experienced senior leader working across sport and national governing bodies for the last 12 years.  I have extensive experience of stratgey development and capital investment within the context of sporting and physical health.  I am currently the Senior Delivery Manager for the Football Foundation where I manage the Northern team to deliver the National Football Facilities Strategy and help to transform communities.


In addition, I have a keen interest in promoting and playing an active role in the community.  I am a committee member of a local grassroots football club.  I am looking forward to using my knowledge and skills in my role as parent governor to ensure that the school continues to deliver an excellent education to all children.


Mrs Emma Naylor

  • Parent governor - elected by parents 


  • Term of office: 01/03/2023 until 28/02/2027


  • Has responsibility for Attendance and Children Looked After.


  • Register of business / personal interests: None


I am the parent of a year 2 child. I am a qualified social worker with a background in children’s safeguarding. I have supported families with children who have special educational needs to achieve positive outcomes in education. I believe that every child can achieve in the right circumstances and that individuality should be nurtured within the school environment.

I currently work for Leeds City Council as a Service Manager for the Kinship Care and Family Group Conference service.  I am trained in the use of restorative practice- an approach that focuses on how interactions and behavior can build and maintain positive and healthy relationships, resolve difficulties and minimize conflict. Such skills are essential in creating a productive and inclusive school community.

As a working mum, I am aware of the challenges that many parents face when it comes to balancing the demands of work and children. I am committed to ensuring that parental engagement in the running of the school is meaningful and takes such demands into account.  At work, I am one of the service leads for increasing parental involvement in shaping service provision. I feel that the skills and knowledge I have acquired are transferable to the role of school governor and evidence that I am an effective communicator. 


Mrs Jenny Scott

  • LA governor - recommended by the Local Authority and appointed by the Governing Board


  • Term of office: 18/10/2023 until 17/10/2027


  • Has responsibility for Early Years and Early Reading and Phonics


  • Register of business / personal interests: Runs Jenny Scott SEND Consultancy Services Ltd - the school uses this company. 


I am delighted to have been appointed governor at Farsley Springbank and am looking forward to supporting the team in their continuing work to ensure that pupils of Farsley achieve the very best outcomes.

I qualified as a teacher in 1999 and before joining the Learning Inclusion team, had over ten years of experience teaching primary and early years pupils. I held a number of senior posts including Key Stage Two leader, Early Years leader, SENCo and Inclusion manager.

I joined the SEN Support and Inclusion Team in 2009, as a specialist teacher; advising and developing training on a range of areas relating to SEN. I gained a Master’s Degree in Specific Learning Difficulties in 2014 and am qualified as a specialist assessor in SpLD (dyslexia). My particular passion is researching and developing the most effective measures to teach reading and spelling.

I currently work part time for Leeds City Council as a SEN Monitoring and Quality Assurance Officer, a role which enables me to be a critical friend to schools; celebrating good practice, advising schools to ensure that they are compliant to statutory duties relating to SEND and providing insight into systems, processes, and practice.

I have recently started my own SEND Consultancy Company, working predominantly with schools in the Pudsey Cluster, including the wonderful Farsley Springbank!


Miss Laura Brayshay

  • Staff governor - elected by the school staff


  • Term of office: 12/07/2022 until 11/07/2026


  • Register of business / personal interests: none declared




I joined the Springbank staff in 2014 as a Newly Qualified Teacher and have been here ever since - Springbank feels like home to me now! During my time at the school, I have taken the lead on PSHE, Healthy Schools, Physical Education and more recently, English. Prior to training as a teacher I worked as a Football Coach for the team I support - Bradford City - and later as a Community Football Development Officer focusing on the development of the Women's and Girls' game. I definitely took my passion for sport into my teacher training and my further career and I am still incredibly passionate about ensuring all children have the chance to take part in sport and physical activity. Despite handing over leadership of PE, I am still actively involved in school sport, running events relating to athletics - an area of school life I absolutely love. Outside of school, my love of sport and English is very much still present. I'm a huge football fan, play netball with a team I've been part of for nearly 15 years and spend a huge amount of my spare time reading. Being a teacher is a great excuse to read the fabulous children's literature that we have in our bookshops! I put my name forward to be staff governor as I feel that in both my teaching life and previous career, I have a wide range of skills and experiences that I can bring to the governing board and can represent the staff well. 


Mrs Liz Bolton-Speight

  • Co-opted governor - appointed by the Governing Board


  • Term of office: 01/02/2024 until 31/01/2028


  • Register of business / personal interests: none declared


I am thrilled to have been appointed as a Governor at Farsley Springbank. My work background is in the NHS and I have worked at Leeds Teaching Hospitals for the past 12 years. For a number of years this was in an operational role providing safe medical staffing to clinical areas across the Leeds hospital sites. My current role is more strategic, and is involved with the future planning of our Pathology services, supporting recruitment and the future workforce model to provide service sustainability. I also lead on staff engagement, values and behaviour, culture change and health and wellbeing initiatives.


I support social values through developing new roles and the introduction to a wide variety of careers in the NHS and the opportunities these can bring in life.  This starts with children, harnessing their interests at an early age of development, and supporting them to be the best that they can be. Last year I worked with the Thackray Museum of Medicine to support their Pathology exhibitions and holiday workshops and activities for children. I have also been part of judging panels for National awards in health and social care.  


I believe my NHS experience is easily transferrable to that of school Governor and am looking forward to making a contribution to the successful and safe running of Farsley Springbank. I believe I could be a critical friend, offering sound leadership advice and support future development.


Governors who have left the Governing Body within the last 12 months.

Mrs Jane Turner, Vice Chair

  • Co-opted governor - appointed by the Governing Board


  • Term of office: 10/01/2018 until 10/07/2023


  • Chair of the Pupil Support committee and has responsibility for Early Years, PSHE and Relationship and Sex Education. Is the link governor for School Council including Rights Respecting Schools.


  • Register of business / personal interests: none declared


I was appointed as a co-opted Governor in January 2018 and have two sons at Farsley Springbank. Professionally, I have spent the last 16 years working within Higher Education as an academic and researcher. I currently work part-time at Leeds Beckett University where my primary role requires me to provide academic support to distance learners. At the same time, I also act as an Academic Advisor, supporting students with pastoral matters.


Within the governing board I assume the responsibility as the Link Governor for the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and not only meet with the Early Years teaching team on a termly basis, but spend time in the classroom with the Reception children too.


Additionally, I am also part of the Pupil Support Committee here at Farsley Springbank and bring with me experience and knowledge of dealing with equality, social and emotional wellbeing, and safeguarding within education. I very much enjoy the opportunity bestowed to me within this committee of meeting with the School Council on a termly basis and hearing about their school initiatives and campaigns.


I successfully completed the Governor Induction training and Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) for Governors training. Moving forward, I look forward to updating my skills over the coming year to ensure that I can fulfil my role as a Governor to the best of my ability.

Mrs Annie Pearson

  • Co-opted governor - appointed by the Governing Body 


  • Term of office: 18/09/2019 until 17/09/2023


  • Sits on the Pupil Support committee and the Resources committee.  Has a responsibility for Attendance and Pupil Premium.


  • Register of business / personal interests: none declared


I am thrilled to have been appointed as a governor at Farsley Springbank Primary school.  I am a mother to three grown up boys and a step-grandma to an eight year old lovely lad. Family is everything to me and I believe that any school should very much be an extension of this and a positive experience for all children.  Having visiting Springbank only a few times I was impressed by the warm welcome and relaxed atmosphere, creating a great ethos!


I feel I have many skills I can bring to the role of governor due to my employment experience.  Currently I have been commissioned by NHS England to scope South Yorkshire for emotional and mental health support for children and young people who have been sexually abused, assaulted or exploited.  


Prior to this I enjoyed twenty years in primary education in pastoral roles such as; behaviour management and counselling for pupils, staff and parents.  This

led to more work in Family Support, delivering streamlined and bespoke packages of support for families and delivering parenting courses as well as being Domestic Violence and Abuse Lead. I also have experience being Attendance and Punctuality Lead and Child Protection and Safeguarding Lead.  For over a decade I led the Year 4 residential to Lineham Farm and then to Scarborough.  Personal, Health and Social Education (PSHE) is a particular love and skill set for me and so with this in mind, I will sit on the Pupil Support. I feel confident that with my background I can advise, support and challenge the school.