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WEEK 2 30.03.20-03.04.20

Day 10 - Friday 3rd April 2020

Good morning everyone, I hope you're all well and Happy Friday to you all. Thank you for all the lovely photos we've been receiving, it really does look like you're having fun learning at home.


English Task - 

Before school ended, the children had learnt and re-written Handa's Surprise in their own way. I have attached the text map we used and would love it if the children could retell the story in their purple books - you could watch the story here again It can either be done very simply, by following the text map and writing simple sentences. OR the children can add adjectives and time conjunctions (First, Next, Then, After that) to make the story more detailed. They might even want to change some of the animals and fruit! Children - can you remember some of the alternative verbs we used for  - took? Maybe you could use some of those as well. 


Maths Task - 

2 step word problems. The children need to try and read the problem - some might need some help with that. I would suggest that the children draw pictures (simple - not too detailed!) to help show the maths problems pictorially and then if possible write the number sentences. This an either be done as 1 whole number sentence e.g. 10-3-2=5 OR as two number sentences to show each step e.g. 10-3=7    7-2=5. 


Phonics & Tricky Words - 

In phonics, the children need to read and write words with the wh/ph sound. They could then write each word in a sentence or go on a sound hunt around the house or garden - what other words with wh/ph can they find?

Tricky words today focuses on practising Phase 4, the stage before Phase 5. It is important that the children do not forget how to read and write their Phase 4 tricky words - some of them are a little tricky!


Today is the last day of home learning tasks for 2 weeks (Easter Holidays), but if you want to access any online tasks, there is a huge list of things to do on the first home learning page of this website. If you haven't completed all the tasks in the learning packs, that could be an option as well if the children want to do something. 

You should also have received a letter regarding a website called My Maths - password and usernames for this website will be sent out by the weekend and we will begin to set work after Easter.

After Easter, we will be providing the children with a grid of possible activities to complete. You can choose to complete as many or as few as you like throughout the week and they will be -  Phonics, English, Maths, Topic, Creative & Active tasks. 


As always, keep it simple for you and your family, but do send us photos of work if you possibly can. 




Work sheets for Day 10

Day 9 - Thursday 2nd April 2020

Hello everyone! 


Thank you for all of your wonderful messages and pictures! We are very impressed with all of the learning that is going on at home and it is making us smile! We are very proud of your efforts towards your learning and positive attitudes may that be during maths, sewing or even PE sessions in the garden! Parents - you are doing an amazing job and all of the wonderful activities that you have created are fantastic, thank you :). 



Topic Task:

During geography lessons the children have been looking at the physical features of Africa which include 'The Sahara Desert, Table Mountain , The Masaai Mara Savannah, The rainforest and The River Nile' .

To recap these physical features click on the link below, it will direct you to 'Go Jetters'. 

Can you create a piece of Artwork to represent the physical features of Africa? Be as creative as you like!!


Maths Task:

Today's maths task is all about addition AND subtraction! So, look carefully to identify which operation you are going to use. Complete the number sentence using the number line. 

Challenge: can you write a word problem to match the number sentence?


Phonics and Tricky words:

Complete the sentences by filling in the missing word. Re-read the sentence to make sure it makes sense. Next task, spot the digraph within the word, read it, say it then write it.

Practice your tricky words by writing them onto the sheet and into your exercise books.


Day 8 - Wednesday 1st April 2020

Good morning everyone, I hope you are all well and finding lots of things to keep you busy at home. Remember to complete the learning if possible, but it's also important to do other things as well. I have seen photographs of children doing dancing, reading, yoga, building impressive Lego structures, painting, acting, baking and enjoying being outside. Parents - just try and do what's best for your family day by day!


Today's tasks


Reading - Try and read the passage, spotting the digraphs on your sheet. Try and read through like a robot and then add expression. There are some questions at the bottom to answer in your purple book. For a challenge, try and write your answer in a full sentence. 


Maths  - It is very important that you can add 2 numbers to 20 quickly. Try and complete all the addition questions on Elmer and then colour him in according to the code at the top. For a challenge, you could create your own maths puzzle like Elmer. 


Phonics and Tricky Words - Read the caption and match to the picture and then fill in the split digraphs. Practise your Phase 5 tricky words on the caterpillars. 

You could go on a hunt around the house to find things you think have a split digraph, write them down and then ask an adult to check them - Don't forget your sound buttons. For example  - In my house I found a knife, a pinecone, a slide and a lime. 

Day 8 - Worksheets

Day 7- Tuesday 31st March 2020 


Good Morning Year 1!

How are you all feeling? I hope that you are enjoying the tasks in your home learning booklet :) . Keep up the good work but don't forget to set time aside to relax, exercise and to help your family around the house!


Writing Task:

Complete the story plan. Have a look at the picture to find some clues! Who is in the picture and where are they? Use your imagination and detective skills to create a story based around the image. Write your story into your purple exercise book. 

Don't forget in your story you must include:

  • Capital Letters
  • Full Stops
  • Adjectives 

Use your amazing imagination to make the story as exciting as possible!


Phonics Task and Tricky Word Task

Read the small paragraph. With a pencil can you spot all of the split digraphs within the text? How many can you find?

Mini challenge: Can you think of any other words that have a split digraph? e.g. slide, face , complete.

Next, read the word and draw a picture to represent this inside the blank box.

 In your tricky word booklet you must practise your tricky words by writing them onto the pirates coin. Don't forget to check your spellings!


Maths Task

PROBLEM SOLVING! Use your knowledge of counting in 2s, 5s and 10s to answer the following problems. 

Step 1: Read the question

Step 2: Find the important information

Step 3: Use items in your house to support your counting e.g. grapes, pencils or even chocolate buttons! 

Parents : You can support this activity by reading the question with the children as well as reinforcing their counting. 

For example Q1. requires the children to make five groups of ten. Support their counting and remind the children that they can count in 10s to make it quicker.


Day 6 - Monday 30th March 2020

Good Morning Year 1, I hope you managed to have a nice weekend at home. Thank you for sending through pictures of your learning last week - it was great to see you all busy. Don't worry parents, this is not an expectation! We know everyone is doing their best in this difficult time so we will continue to add work from the pack each day this week. Don't worry too much if you aren't completing it all on the right day. 


Tasks for today include:-


Topic Task

During the last week of school, the children began to plan out a non-chronological report about animals. They had chosen their animal, found out what animal group (mammal, bird, reptile, amphibian, fish) it belonged to and why, where it lived, what it ate (whether it was a carnivore, omnivore, herbivore & why) and what it looked like. 

Today we would like you to create a colourful informative fact file about an animal. It can be the same animal as the plan made at school or something different. 

There is an example in your pack. Try to give your report a main heading, subheadings for each small section and include a picture/caption. You could even try to add a section called 'Did you know...?' for extra fun facts. As always, don't forget your capital letters, full stops, finger space and tricky word spellings. 


Maths Task  

Number Card challenge - It does say to cut the cards out but it might be better to make your own because tomorrow's maths is on the back!

Choose a number from 1-100 (use your 100 square to help if you need to). Take it turns to pick a card and answer it based on the number you picked. You could write them down in your purple book if you wanted an extra challenge. 

e.g. My number is 45

Is your number even or odd? - ODD because it ends in 5

Count back 10 from your number  - 45-10=35


Phonics and Tricky Words

Try to practise your Phase 3 & 5 sounds and tricky words using the videos or powerpoints on the phonics page of the home learning section.

Then read the word and draw a picture to go with it. Try to add the sound buttons and as a challenge, write a sentence with each word in.

Practise spelling your tricky words on the lily pads using the look, read, cover, write, check method. Once you're done, write them as rainbow writing in a silly sentence.


We look forward to seeing some of your work this week. 

Miss Wood and Miss Groves

Today's Worksheets