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5F Herd Farm 11.03.20-13.03.20

Day 1 at Herd Farm

When 5F arrived at Herd Farm, they had a safety talk and then spent some time settling into the bedrooms and making their own beds, which was good fun! After a spot of lunch they headed out for the first activity session of their stay.  All the groups did a round robin involving three activities.  They did the Moonwalk, which involved moving from one place to another without touching the ground and moving crates along to create a pathway...not easy!  The children then did Nightline which involves being blindfolded and moving over, under and around obstacles.  They also had time on BMX bikes and go-karts racing around a track.  After a lovely tea of homemade pizza and chips the children went out on a night walk, which was VERY muddy; the children loved it!  The children then had some time to relax before heading off to bed. All in all a great first day.

Some of the photos are in the activity groups. 


Group 1 - Poppy, Isaac B, Hannah, Seth, Alex, Aiden, Finley, Haris, Charlie, Ethan and Clara


Group 2 - Emily, Ella, Jack, Isaac G, Milo, Finn, Kacia and George Hu


Group 3 - William, Josh, George Ha, Thomas, Sophie, Jess, Olivia, Aneeqa, Liam and Arthur