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Relationship and Sex Education Policy

Relationship and Sex Education

Relationship Education (RE) and Health Education is statutory for all primary schools.  Farsley Springbank Primary School takes its responsibility to provide relevant, effective and responsible Relationship and Sex Education (RSE) to all of its pupils as part of the school’s personal, social, health education (PSHE) curriculum very seriously. The school wants parents/carers and pupils to feel assured that RSE will be delivered at a level appropriate to both the age and development of pupils, and safe to voice opinions and concerns relating to the RSE provision.


High quality Relationships Education and RSE help create a safe school community in which our pupils can grow, learn and develop positive, healthy behaviour for life. From this, children learn to understand aspects of positive friendships and relationships which works to safeguard them in future. Relationship education is vital to ensuring that all our children grow up prepared for their future responsibilities, opportunities and roles in later life.


Our full Relationship and Sex Education policy can be found below.

Appendix 1 Relationship and Sex Education - A Parent's Guide 

Below is a Relationship and Sex Education guide for parents which provides more detailed information about the school's curriculum. 

Relationship and Sex Education curriculum

You can also go to the PSHE and RSE Curriculum page where you will find a RSE progression document showing how some of the content is taught across school.