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Equalities Week 20.10.19

Equalities Week 

This week is Equalities week so we have spent part of each day discussing our overarching theme which is 'All different, all equal'. 


We started by reading a book entitled, 'We are all different' and had a conversation about our many differences. We talked about looking different, having different needs, having different interests, different families and different pets and that even though these things may differ we always treat each other with kindness and respect.


On Wednesday we read 'Rap a Tap Tap' and watched clips about Mr Bojangles. We talked about why some people shut their doors to him how this must have made him feel. We also discussed how his tap dancing brought everyone joy and even had a go at tap dancing (Mrs Hicks was a very good instructor)! 


On Thursday we discussed gender stereotypes in toys. We started by discussing what things we think boys like to do and compared them to the things we think girls like to do. Then we collected toys from around the classroom and talked about whether we would class them as a 'boys' toy or a 'girls' toy. As I'm sure you can imagine this brought up some interesting debates! In the end all the children agreed that anyone can play with any of the toys and that's OK - we certainly wouldn't treat anyone differently based on what they like to play with. 


Overall, this has been a lovely week filled with learning, discussion and debates. They know that everyone is unique with different strengths, weakness, beliefs, home lives and more. All of the children have learnt to treat everyone equally with kindness and respect no matter who they are.