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Research 28.04.22

Today, the children have been conducting their own research in both English and Science.

In English, the children were using their researching skills to find out facts about plastic pollution for their upcoming report on plastic pollution. 

In Science, the children were using the scientific enquiry skill of conducting research to find out about different types of habitats. They found out that there are many different habitats in the UK - we looked at coastal, pond and woodland. They found out about the plants and animals in each habitat and why each animal lives there. For example: In the pond habitat, Amphibians lives in and around the pond and they eat the insects that they find there such as flies, worms and slugs. Lily pads grow on top of the water so that they can get sunlight to make their own food and they also provide shelter for the creatures that live in the pond. Ducks are suited to a pond habitat because they have webbed feet for swimming and waterproof feathers.