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Autumn 2 Week 2 13.11.20

This week, the children have started their new phonics group. Each phonics group is working on sounds that they need to learn before they can progress onto the next sounds. The children are now in smaller groups, which will help them to make more progress with reading. In your child’s book bag there will be a slip to tell you the sounds they are focusing on. Each group will follow a similar lesson; learning the focus sound and then using Fred talk to blend and read words. Everyone has also been continuing with forming letters in their session too. At home, you can continue to practice flashcards; you can make words out of the flashcards to read and practice writing CVC words, using sounds that your child knows.


In maths, we continued our learning about the number 3. The children have considered 3 on a tens frame and understood that 3 of the squares will always be covered if there are 3 items. They have also used numicon by identifying the 3 tile and discussed the things they have noticed such as it has three holes, it is yellow and there are 2 holes plus another 1 to make 3. We have also looked at triangles and discussed their properties and how we can identify them. The children have also looked doubling; they know that to double we always add the same amount again. We have also looked at halving a number, we have discussed fair and unfair sharing of odd and even numbers. At home you can practice doubling numbers to 3 using items such as Lego blocks, coins or fruit.  You could also identify triangles inside the home.


In understanding of the word, we have been learning about people who help us, especially those in the armed services. We have discussed Remembrance Day and discussed why it is important to remember those people who help to keep us and our country safe. Everyone enjoyed using their cutting skills to make a poppy and we also made poppies using hand prints, which we will make into a whole class poppy wreath.