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Gruffalo Hunt 16.11.18

Our latest unit of writing has followed the 'Talk for Writing' approach, which allows children to hear the type of language and structure that we would love to see in their writing. The children have all really enjoyed this unit, and we hope you enjoy finding out how it has worked!


Our unit started with a very exciting newsflash - a Gruffalo had been spotted in Farsley! As quickly as we could, we got our coats on and went out hunting for clues in our school field. 

We saw lots of signs that the Gruffalo had been on our school field, but unfortunately we think he was too scared to come out and see us. We decided that we should record the story of our hunt instead. We worked together to create a class story map - your children should be able to recount our adventure using this!


Next, we decided that we might need to enlist the help of the rest of the school. Many children chose to draw 'Wanted' posters, and some even asked Mr Hardcastle to put up some cameras in the school field!
Learning the story of our hunt in this way enabled us to use some really fantastic language, and we can't wait to see this used when we recount our trip to Abbey House museum.